More of the Same

I had a long work week. Friday night I had a run-in with a pompous asshole who obviously has a small penis and compensates for that by moronically flaunting the little bit of power he has at work. As he is my superior, I had to check myself so as not to end up getting myself in trouble over an idiot. It’s not worth it. He and people like him only intensify my motivation to succeed so that one day, I can possibly become THEIR superior and handle them accordingly. I remember everyone who pisses me off.

Not to mention I only had to deal with him anyway because a horse-faced, sickeningly skinny bitch of a coworker didn’t want to do her job and so I was forced into doing it for her. Again, I remember everyone who pisses me off.

Saturday night I had to do involuntary overtime. That always blows, but the extra money in the paycheck never hurts, so I can’t complain too much. In fact, I already spent some of my upcoming riches. I did a little shopping today to help myself wind down from my less-than-great week. Today’s take…

…a couple of sundresses (from the Macy’s Juniors department, of all places), the Yves Saint Laurent “Parisienne” perfume I’ve been wanting forever now (via a gift set complete with an Armani make-up/toiletry bag I’ll never use), and a couple of MAC eyeshadows. Shopping makes me happy 🙂

The associate who sold me the perfume was really friendly. Almost too friendly. On one hand, it seemed like he might’ve been flirting. On the other hand, my “gaydar” was going off.

I never heard from Mr. Smooth after last week’s text messages. I don’t really care. I do find something interesting though: A colleague is throwing a party next month and he recently made a Facebook event page for it. I wrote on the event page wall several days ago to advise that I’m going. Not even 30 minutes afterward, here comes Mr. Smooth right after me putting his 2 cents in about going to the party, even using some of my exact same wording. I just found that funny. I’m not gonna say he did that because of me, but it’s awfully coincidental considering that he’s so low key on Facebook usually. Part of me thinks he did that to annoy me.

I have an old friend, Mandingo (I feel bad naming him that, but he IS Nigerian and it’s the first thing I thought of…LOL) who seems to have redeveloped an interest. He and I had sex a couple of times in late 2007. It was a mutual bootycall thing; I wasn’t particularly interested in him like that nor was he in me. We’ve kept in touch since then with the occasional AIM chat and Facebook friendship, but I haven’t seen him since then.

Recently he hit me up on Facebook chat and he mentioned he was going to visit Nigeria. I asked him to bring me Nigerian dollar (naira) as a souvenir, and he said he would. I didn’t really care if he did or not though, I was just being silly. When he got back he started hitting me up on Facebook again to tell me he has it, but I didn’t really care that much so I didn’t answer.

I noticed today while at the gym that I had a missed call from a random number at 4:33 a.m. I texted the number to find out who it was. It was Mandingo. He said he had drunk dialed. I just said “Ok.” He started asking how my holiday was going and then asked when I was going to come get my naira. I told him I didn’t know, and he said how about today. He wanted to bring it to me, but I told him I had a long week at work and just wanted to chill out. He said we could chill out together and get some drinks (being kinda pushy, and he admitted he was). I didn’t answer after that.

Nice enough guy, but I’m just not particularly interested. He’s attractive enough – beautiful chocolate skin and a fit, muscular body – but I’m just not. I don’t know why. I will say one thing about him though: his dick is HUGE. Lengthwise and girth-wise…just enormous. It’s actually, like, too big. And yes, there is such a thing, as far as I’m concerned. I remember the sex being somewhat uncomfortable just due to his size. I could barely move.

Gizmo pulled me up a couple of days ago at work and told me that The Indian has been asking him if he really gave me the number and asking why he hasn’t heard from me. I told Gizmo I had texted The Indian, but that he kept calling me off the hook and I wasn’t for all that just yet. He said he’d let The Indian know. Whatever.

Hippie pledged to keep working on Professor as best he can for me. I’m not not holding my breath though.

Blown :-(

Well, Professor bailed on tomorrow night. Hippie subsequently followed suit, which is fine as he wasn’t my main concern anyway.

I kinda figured this would happen. Yesterday evening I asked Hippie what time we were meeting up tomorrow night. He said he’d texted Professor and was awaiting his response. Professor responded eventually and said he’d call him the next day (today). That wasn’t an encouraging sign, but I’ve kind of gathered (and Hippie confirmed) that Professor is VERY cautious about texting over his work phone (hence them actually having to meet in person for Hippie to show him my pictures), so I remained optimistic.

All day today I was eagerly anticipating a text from Hippie with Professor’s confirmation that the meet was happening, but I never got anything. I finally broke down around 5 p.m. and asked if he’d heard anything yet. He said he hadn’t at first. 10 minutes after that he told me he’d gotten a text from Professor saying he couldn’t make it.

Oh well.

I mean, yes, the three of us getting together tomorrow was PROFESSOR’S idea in the first place. And yes, I DID move the heavens and the earth and promise my first-born child to my supervisor to get off tomorrow night since I had to work. But…it is what it is. I was really blown for like 10 minutes though. I thanked Hippie for his help anyway. At least he tried.

He said basically that Professor tends to be kind of paranoid about stuff like this. Understandable. He IS married and he IS high up on the job food chain and I AM some random chick. He doesn’t know me or how I am or what my intentions are. I thought that Hippie having vouched for me would’ve curtailed any worries, but maybe he thinks it’s some type of set up or something. I assured Hippie that I wasn’t the type to run my mouth if that’s the worry. He could only say that he can’t speak for Professor, that Professor only told him he couldn’t make it. Who knows what his deal really is?

Again, at least Hippie tried.

It’s funny though…the 20th of last month, Mr. Smooth was dissing me. This month, it’s Professor. Who will it be on June 20th, since there seems to be a pattern starting? Only time will tell.

It’s not a huge deal though. Can’t spend too much time worrying about someone I’ve never even met. It just would’ve been neat to meet him. He’s still hot…

I could cancel my day off tomorrow and go to work anyway but I’d be a total DUMBASS to give up a Friday night off. I’ll be drinking…somewhere.

Almost There…

The ball is steadily rolling on the Professor situation. Hippie finally got around to showing him pictures of me and he thinks I’m pretty, apparently. So…the three of us are meeting up at a bar on Friday night and we’ll get to meet each other.

I’m excited! Yet nervous. Hopefully we mesh well in person. Hippie simply raved about how smart and charismatic Professor is and how good a time I’d have with him when I first inquired about him, so I think everything will be good. I trust Hippie’s opinion, he tells it like it is.

Obviously, being as he’s married, I’m not expecting some fairy tale romance. Maybe we’ll end up having some hot, wild, steamy sex at some point at least. Maybe we’ll even sort of be friends eventually. Who knows? I just think he’s hot. I think he’ll be just as hot in person. I think he’ll think I’m hot. I think we’ll have a good time on Friday at least. It’ll just be nice to meet him and to satisfy my curiosity.

Other than that, not too much going on on the men front. Curly and I have spoken a little bit but I can take him or leave him. I’ll admit, I did have a moment of weakness Saturday night after work and I invited him over. He never responded. When I called him on that yesterday, he said he was with someone else at the time since I’ve been blowing him off. Whatever. I don’t care either way. At least he was honest though. I like that.

One of my coworkers and I flirt a lot. I even call him my “work husband.” He’s made it no secret that he’d like to get in my pants. He’s cute and he has a nice body since he works out regularly, but again, I’m refraining from doing anybody I have to see at work regularly. Plus he’s a smoker and that’s not a very appetizing habit to me. Kissing someone whose mouth tastes like cigarettes? Yuck. I don’t foresee anything happening there but there is a mutual attraction definitely.

Tomorrow will mark a month since I’ve spoken to Mr. Smooth. I still think about him sometimes and wonder why things went the way they did, but I’m not sweating it.

Slowly but surely, I’m toning back up. I haven’t totally sworn off junk food, but moderation is the key. And water. And making sure to eat something every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going. And exercise, of course. And proper rest. Blah, blah, blah.