A Date!

Today I had a lunch date with a guy I matched with on Tinder yesterday. We’ll call him Bedford. Had it not been for the excessive amount of wine I sat around in my house drinking pretty much all day yesterday, I’m not sure he would’ve been someone who normally warranted any serious attention from me. As it was, we matched and he immediately messaged me with something more substantive beyond the ubiquitous, yawn-inducing “Hey, how are you?” and/or “How was your weekend?”, so it caught my attention and we started conversing. This went on for a while before he asked for my number, and I happened to be sufficiently tipsy enough to give it to him. Besides, he seemed pretty nice, decently attractive, and wasn’t sleazy.

How surprised was I when my phone pretty much immediately rang with a call from him? He was driving, so he called in lieu of texting. I was caught off guard, but not displeased. We talked on the phone for quite a while. Several times throughout the day, as a matter of fact. He was out of town (and lives a state over from me anyway), but he asked if I’d like to get together the next day (today) when he comes through my area on his way home.

Sure. Why not?

He texted me this morning when he was about to hit the road and I gave him the address to a local restaurant. He was about a half hour early which was perfectly fine with me because I was starving. I went to meet him and…we met. He looks like his pictures and was of sufficient height, but…eh. We ate and talked at a table then went and sat at the bar for a little bit and talked some more. He said he wanted to go to a park and walk around because he had been driving all morning and didn’t feel like sitting, so I located one and he drove us to it. We walked around the lake there for a while.

He was nice. And a gentleman. I wasn’t the absolute worst dressed I could be to walk along woodsy trails, but definitely not the most appropriately dressed for it either, and he was good about holding on to me as we tackled inclines and rugged ground.

But overall I just wasn’t feeling a whole lot of romantic chemistry. It was a nice time, but I wasn’t really that attracted to him either physically or mentally. I mean, of course not, because he actually paid me attention and was gentlemanly and enthusiastic about spending time with me. If he ignored me and/or treated me like crap and/or was blatantly anxious to get into my pants, I’d be all over it. He took my hand in his car a couple of times on the way back to the restaurant, and I let him so as not to be unkind, but I was completely not feeling it at all.

Nonetheless, it was a nice date. It’s nice to be treated like a lady every once in a while and to get to go on a real date even if there’s no potential.

I wish I were the type of person that allowed someone to “grow on me,” but I’m just not and never will be. I either want someone from around the first time I lay eyes on him or I don’t and never will. I feed off of instinct and passion and natural chemistry. That hasn’t gotten me very far in romance in all actuality, but it’s what I know and love.

All in all, Tinder has been good to me I guess. There are a lot of clowns and douchebags on there but it’s not that bad. Whereas traditional dating sites like Match and Plenty of Fish have never held my attention for long,  I actually like Tinder because I can appreciate the dynamic nature of it. Traditional dating sites force you to tether yourself to one geographical area whereas Tinder is based on where you and potential matches are at any given moment. So it allows for the potential to interact with someone who, while he may only be in the area temporarily, I might not normally come into contact with because he doesn’t live near me. Not the ideal foundation for anything substantial, but it’s a start.

 Bedford is the fifth guy I’ve met from Tinder. So far I think I’ve met some pretty good people, even if our dates never led to anything more. Good times nonetheless. I think I screen people pretty well.

And then there’s the one I still have yet to meet – JP. Who has not texted or called, of course. I’ve managed not to say anything more to him since Friday when I asked him to call me. Maybe he’s busy with LMDP. And if that’s the case, it would hurt to know for sure so I’ve not had the courage to check and see. Unfortunately he’s been on my mind pretty often since our impromptu reunion. Drats.