Latest Dating Disaster

Oh! So guy starts messaging me in March. We are in the same industry; he was deployed to Kuwait. He told me how pretty I was and was SUPER persistent so he grew on me. Short story shorter, he got back home and pretty much never made a move to see me. He had been talking to another girl from home (he lives 2 hours away from me) the whole time. I found out that I wasn’t his draft pick through pics on Facebook when he took her to a friend’s wedding. I called him out on said picture since I had no other way to contact him  (which I realize was by design) and he immediately blocked me and that’s all I mattered to him. Which was not at all. I only know what I do because SHE started messaging me. LOL. Par for the course.



It’s Like I’m in College Again…

So how did I somehow get suckered into writing Pretty Ricky’s term paper again???

Oh that’s right, because I AM a sucker. Ha!

We conferred at work for a little while on Tuesday and he gave me all of the materials. His professor really did tear up his rough draft. I thought at first that his professor was just picky, but then after going more thoroughly over his rough draft I realize that it just really isn’t written well. He’s a decent writer, but his draft was only 1.5 pages and there’s just no substance or organization to it. Not to mention that his reference list wasn’t in proper APA format as required and just seemed kind of half-assed.

So here I am, coming to his rescue. Me, of all people. I spent all of yesterday and most of today working on it. It’s not due until the 22nd, so I have oodles of time, but I just wanna get something down now so I can lay it aside and let it marinate and then have time to tighten it up.

As a “thank you”, Pretty Ricky offered me the following 3 options:

(A) Dinner at a place of my choice

(B) Dinner at a place of his choice

(C) Burger King

Hmmmm, I wonder which one I will choose? (“A”, duh!)

So 4 months ago I’m bitching him out for talking shit about me and we’re not speaking; today I’m writing papers for him. Life is funny.

Well, I did offer. And he does have a lot going on. He’ll be gone for like 2 weeks or something for job interviews starting next week and he said something about having to find his parents a new nursing home and he’s really just genuinely confused about what his professor is looking for. This’ll be my good deed for the month.

To tell the truth though, I’ve fantasized about meeting up the day before his paper is due, having led him to believe it’s complete and then showing up empty handed, having purposely not done it. What sweet revenge that would be. IF I were so inclined. IF I secretly hated his guts. But I don’t. Obviously I still care about the guy or I wouldn’t be doing this shit in the first place. I don’t think I have it in me to do something so malicious anyway…