So, What Had Happened Was…

Oh, right. I come here all set to entertain and amuse with the news of my latest impending love disaster and I realize I kind of left a cliffhanger with my last significant oneBoomer.

Boomer did stay in touch. He was interested, clearly. We even got around one night to agreeing to actually try out an an actual relationship. Albeit, an open one. Open-ish. He’s 2,000 miles away and I’m no fool.

I saw him again in mid-December. He was on a layover in a town 4 hours from me. We planned it a few weeks ahead. I drove up to see him on a Friday evening until early Saturday morning. We had about 11 hours together.

Then in January, I used a travel credit I had to fly to Georgia for about 12 hours.

Some time after that, we were talking and he decided a relationship really wouldn’t work out, that we should keep things “light and fun.” And that was fair, I couldn’t really argue with it. He’s too far away, he’s not really getting a lot of trips to the East Coast, and when he is off and back home he wants to spend time with his kids.

So, that was disappointing to hear but I understood because it’s frankly, just…right. He’s either home 2,000 miles away or otherwise anywhere else 2,000 (or more) miles away so that severely hinders the amount of time we could spend together. It is what it is, that’s just the way it worked out.

Despite that, in early February (I think), I drove up to the same 4-hours-away town again to see him. Very impromptu. He only told me a few hours before getting there that he was going to be there. I think he was on “reserve” and just found out or something. Nevertheless, at least this time, though he wasn’t getting in until close to midnight, he didn’t have to leave until the early evening the next day. So that gave us about 18 hours together at least.

But that’s the last time I saw him. And as it stands now, we just talk every once in a while. And that’s only when he runs across my mind (which is not often at this point) and I happen to wonder what he’s up to. Otherwise I don’t hear from him on his own and my enthusiasm at having to initiate conversation is waning.

No hard feelings or anything, though. If he texts me, I’ll answer. I’m just not going to be hard pressed to stay in contact. It was fun while it lasted though.

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