I Think He Likes Me

In the weeks before Christmas, I jokingly asked Scout what he was getting me. He asked what I wanted, and I told him I was just kidding.

But then I thought about it and decided I did want something. Not because I was being materialistic, but because I felt the need for some tangible reminder of this romance. So that in case something happens, I know that it was real.

Sometimes I think about the fact that if something were to happen to Scout, God forbid, like if he died or something, I wouldn’t be able to legitimately mourn for him as his lover. I could mourn for him as a colleague, maybe as a friend, but I wouldn’t be able to let the world know that this man was someone I loved romantically and just how much it would matter to me if he was no longer here.

He’s married and I’m not his wife and so that is one of the disadvantages of this kind of situation.

And if that were to happen, I wouldn’t have anything tangible to remind me of what we had but my own memories.

So I told, him, yes, I wanted something. Maybe a necklace or something.

I knew he would have no idea what to get me though, so a little while later I asked if he would like some help, and he said he would. I jokingly sent him a link to a $4,000 Cartier necklace, but then I told him that I’d “settle” for something along the lines of Tiffany & Co., in silver. I thought about sending him links to several things in my wish list already and letting him choose, but then I just left it alone and decided to let him truly pick out something on his own, whether it was Tiffany’s or not.

We hadn’t talked about it for a while though – these discussions all took place maybe a month ago.

Then on Monday, he let me know that I should be expecting a package soon. Yesterday, he said it should be delivered by the end of the day. UPS or whoever tends to get to my neighborhood late, so I checked up until almost 8 in the evening but nothing had come. Oh well, I figured it’d probably get to me this evening.

But when I came down this morning to leave for work, I found it waiting for me, courtesy of my roommate, who must’ve wandered across it in her travels some time after I had last checked.

And voila…


He did good. REALLY good. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and just my style. And he picked it out all by himself. And spent even more than he should’ve, or that I even thought he would. Not that that matters, per se, but it’s a nice thought to know that he didn’t go the cheapest route that he could’ve gone, even for Tiffany’s.

It’s the first gift of jewelry I’ve ever gotten from a man in my life. And absolutely perfect. I love it. And him.

5 thoughts on “I Think He Likes Me

  • Just a question, if say (and knock on wood) something were to happen instead to his wife, would you put pressure on Scout to make you and him in an official non-secretive relationship instead of the current situation?

    Do you wish for something more than just being his mistress or does this current arrangement satisfy what you need right now from your connection with him?


    • I’m satisfied at the moment. Who knows, maybe we wouldn’t even like each other much if we were in a “real” relationship. Whatever the case may be, I know he cares about me and that’s all that matters.


  • I’m happy to read your nice post. Its obviously a little bit sad in terms of the situation that he and you are in but you never know, weird things can happen.

    Look forward to reading up more post. Still like to find out the end details of the Japan story.


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