Well I guess I’ll have to give the aforementioned work guy a name now since he’s been very persistent to the point where it has risen to the occasion of having potential for either delight or disaster. Either/or. I’m not picky. We shall call him…Chad.

SO! Chad did end up swinging by Tuesday afternoon for a quick office visit. Looking pretty handsome, at that. He even made the secretary giggly enough to exclaim “He’s cute!” as we sidled out of my office suite to walk to another location away from prying eyes. And I’ve NEVER heard her say that about anyone (she’s a middle-aged Holy Roller type), least of all right in front of said person. So that’s noteable. He didn’t have long so all we did is shoot the breeze for a little before he had to get on with his business. Not before remarking that we should have a drink. He texted me a couple hours later that he’d just seen a girl that looked just like me, and that she was “beautiful.”

Conversation continued on Wednesday during which I was introduced to a picture of his cutie of a dog. The secretary brought him up out of the blue to rave about how cute he is once again, which I relayed to him. He joked that he would come to see her any time. That was right before 2 in the afternoon. That evening I went home and ended up crashing early – some time in the 7 o’clock hour. I woke up around 9:30 p.m. and was taking a couple of minutes to get my bearings when my phone rang. It was Chad. He wanted to see what I was up to. We talked for maybe 10 minutes but I honestly don’t remember much of the conversation because I was half asleep still.

Thursday, we didn’t talk until the evening when I was out for happy hour with some coworkers. Chad was working but had taken a break to hit a sushi spot with some other colleagues for dinner. When I got around to telling him where I was, lo and behold it turned out he was but a couple of doors down. He ended up stopping in to say hey before he went back to work. He knew one of the people I was with so they exchanged some chit chat before we both moved aside to talk away from everyone else.

The most productive result of that conversation was him asking me out to breakfast the next morning, to which I agreed. He also mentioned offhandedly how it had occurred to him the night before to call me when I hadn’t answered his text message. After we had hung up then I saw that he had texted me at 8:21. He called me at 9:30. That’s barely an hour, so something about that kind of gives me pause for some reason. Is he too pressed too soon? Is he overbearing? Is he territorial? Is he over-protective? Is it me who is strange for thinking something about a simple phone call is off? I guess I’m just so used to texts these days that unannounced phone calls automatically seem “heavy” or something, so it’s probably just me.  No big deal ultimately. He calls out of the blue without abandon, even if his texts go unanswered. Which, to be honest, would weird me out more if I didn’t kind of like him, but I find it kind of charming since I do have a mild interest. Funny how that works. When he left the bar to get back to work he told me to let him know when I got home, which I did. I always find that sort of thing kind of sweet.

Yesterday morning he called me a little before 9:30. After him exclaiming how beautiful I looked the night before, we solidified plans to meet up and go on a walk together to a Panera Bread near our building. He bought us both breakfast and we brought it back to a half-hidden cubbyhole in the building to eat in private. We shared some family histories (his is a little odd, but no big deal – we’re all odd in our own ways) and tales of old mutual colleagues.

It was there that I finally got the elephant in the room out of the way –  the girlfriend he mentioned the evening we met:

– Didn’t you say you had a girlfriend?

– Yeaaaaaah, I did say that, I did…

– So, you did say that, and you DID have a girlfriend, or you still DO have a girlfriend?

– I DO have a girlfriend, but it’s not like I’ve tried to do anything to you.

He says he just enjoys my company and hanging out as friends. Riiiight. But no judgement – yet. He’s right, he has not yet tried to do anything physical like kiss me but the flirtation and compliments and eagerness is obviously romantically centered. I’m not an idiot. I’m not saying he wants to put a ring on it – his interest could lie solely in just getting in my pants, but, assuming his relationship is supposed to be monogamous, he is really pushing the boundaries of appropriateness with another woman.

Before we parted ways he gave me a tight hug and said he would like for us to actually hang out OUTSIDE of work one of these days. We texted some over the course of the rest of the day, and he called me unexpectedly again last night. Wended up talking for over an hour.

As to if or when we will actually hang out outside of work, it’s not looking too good for the near future. He’s busy this weekend and then I’m busy next weekend, so our schedules aren’t corresponding for right now. And then there’s always the question of whether I SHOULD hang out with him, with his girlfriend and all…

Anyway…Wiley and I still seem to be trucking along somehow. I ended up sending another selfie to him on Tuesday night, to which he responded with “Beauty.” I replied with a kissy emoticon because I didn’t really know what or have much else to say. At a little after 1 a.m. the next morning he sent a text saying he was in The Hamptons with his family. Random. I told him I hope he’s having a blast. I sent another text Thursday evening to which he has not responded.

I forgot to mention that on the way back from my Atlanta travels, JP came to mind. Airplane travel always tends to remind me of him since he’s a pilot. I sent a text but he has not responded. I haven’t spoken to him since right after our January rendezvous, so I guess that says it all right there. I don’t picture hearing from him ever again.

I woke up this morning to yet another blast from the past text message – Blaze. It came through close to 3 a.m., so I figured it was a drunken text. He said as much when I responded back this morning, but asked how I was and then said he was partying in New York if I happened to be there. Um, no…I’m home. “Well start driving.” Uh…no thanks. He’s engaged, I believe. Good luck to his fiancé.

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