Still Promising

So far, so good with Wiley. He actually hit me up later on Monday and has been continuously communicative, flirty, and complimentary like normal ever since. And now unabashedly sexual as well, which is appropriate being as that horse is out of the barn, so I think we’re out of the woods in that respect.

Between the Orlando shooting and shenanigans in Congress, which I pay attention to in a cursory sense but maybe should start being more fastidious with because that’s his area of expertise, he has been very busy with work. And I know this because his social media presence has allowed me the ability to stalk him keep abreast of his general activities. When it comes to being able to track someone’s thoughts and wanderings with minimal hassle, Twitter is second to none. Google has been a great help as well. It’s actually very enthralling to be able to search his name and to have access to various pictures and video snippets of him on news programs.  I mean, he’s not, like, famous, but he does have a certain niche audience and some moderate exposure. Pretty neat.

Unfortunately I won’t be seeing him this weekend because he will be out of town for pressing family obligations and work from Saturday through Monday. So…bummer.

Be that as it may, he took the initiative to let me know on his own without me having to chase him down about it, and was very forthcoming about his plans and super apologetic and seemingly genuinely regretful about having to postpone, so he left me no reason to feel discouraged or upset. Quite the contrary. In fact, this text in particular made me smile:


I have an event at work tomorrow morning that I am NOT looking forward to, which I was counting on a rendezvous with him this weekend to help me dissipate the stress of, but that will suffice for now.

He made a “playful” (i.e. jealous) remark later in that conversation as to how I’d probably be swiping Tinder dudes this weekend. Eh…I think not. I think he has my attention for now.

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