Hurricanes Are Dumb

Reed decided to make the journey back home to his family for a few days. We were talking earlier today during my witching hour/his Japan afternoon which he opened with exclaiming how bummed he was about his grandma. That made me a little sad. He said he was still thinking about going home. I’m sure his mind was already made up anyway, but I suggested that he should probably go because being with his family will comfort him.

He booked a flight departing that evening, which, per my calculations, means he should have arrived, or will be arriving, to the southeast United States some time around now. This will place us in the same time zone for the first time, like, ever. I’m going to leave him be to spend time with his family unless I hear from him. I’m not pressed since I’ll be seeing him in a matter of days anyway.

He confirmed my arrival on Monday and said we were still good to go after I asked if that would still be okay. I have no reason to think that everything won’t work out as planned, but the additional moving parts to the situation are slightly unsettling. He was supposed to be nestled securely in Japan days before my arrival eagerly anticipating my visit. Now we BOTH have independent journeys to make back over to the Orient. I’m not sure as of now when exactly his return is, but as he did assure me that we are still on track for Monday, I guess I’ll have to trust it.

But even all that aside, now we have Hurricane Jackass Joaquin wreaking havoc around the Bahamas, and the highly exact science of meteorology has narrowed down its predicted path over the next several days to the following very specific, detailed conclusions: it may make U.S. landfall, or it may not.

Hurricane Joaquin after too many shots.
Hurricane Joaquin after too many shots.

Helpful illustrations like this one from are extremely useful in providing the graphical interpretation of what would surely be expressed verbally as “We really have no idea what the hell is going to go on.” Either that, or perhaps Hurricane Joaquin is intoxicated. I usually don’t care much about hurricanes to the extent that I bother to track them, only, this WOULD be the weekend where I have a 6 AM flight to Canada to connect me to my afternoon Japan flight. And if Joaquin does anything to screw with that, I will not be a happy camper. I’ve never tried to kick a hurricane’s ass, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done.

That's more like it.
That’s more like it.

This illustration from is at least a little more helpful in that it actually bothers to establish a trajectory to begin with, and then goes on to show that the predictions are saying at this point that it’s more likely that Joaquin stays out at sea. Either way, even by Sunday, it doesn’t seem to really be a threat to my flight at all.

To countermand all the universal forces obviously conspiring to threaten my happiness, I pulled out my suitcase last night and started some preliminary packing. So I’m letting it be known to the powers that be that I’m going on this trip come hell or high water. Even literal high water.

Can I just be in Japan already?

Aww, but guess who texted me just as I was finishing up here. I guess that makes me smile a little bit…

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