Reunited (And it Feels So Good!)

It’s almost 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which means it’s almost 6 a.m. tomorrow in Japan (it’s 13 hours ahead of EDT), and Reed is tucked away cozily in his bed sound asleep. I know this because I was finally able to talk to him in real time throughout the wee hours of this (my) morning after almost a month of straight emailing. An unexpected, and much welcome, surprise.

I got an email from him shortly after 9 p.m. last night letting me know he’d be making a run to the liquor store later to pick up some choice wine for me, and asking me to try texting him later.

Wait…what?! I was taken aback because him going to the liquor store would mean he’s off the ship, and I wasn’t expecting him to be done until later in the week. Ah, but that’s right…it’s the Navy. “Operations Security” (OPSEC) and all that. Informing me of his exact schedule would’ve been a no-no.

In one of p.m., which he answered after 1 a.m. when he had landed at his home base.

From there we talked off and on for the next 10 hours. It was the wee early morning hours for me, but I was already having trouble sleeping due to work-related stress so I didn’t mind staying up to talk to him. I was in and out of sleep during the longer intervals of silence, but would pop right back up almost instantly once I heard the Line alert tone. Good thing I took off of work today. This time difference is going to be even more of a bitch than the previous 3-hour one when he was on the West Coast. Ugh. I have a feeling I’m not going to get a lot of sleep for the rest of the week.

His first orders of business were acquiring my preference of wine (Rieslings) and then settling down for a couple of rounds of Scotch. Priorities, priorities.

We tossed around ideas regarding some timing issues as it relates to Monday night’s meal preparation. Apparently there is a trade-off that has to be made between my trip from the airport and the meal he cooks. His first option was a shrimp bisque that he prides himself on, but it’s time-intensive and in order to make it he wouldn’t have time to get me from the airport. I told him I could try to find my way on the train if he really wanted the shrimp bisque, but in the end he decided it’s probably best, since I’m a Japan novice, not to have me fumbling around on my own to find my way from the airport and thus he’d rather come get me. That leaves us with a “lower tier” meal option (which I’m sure will still be delicious), but I really don’t want him spending the evening slaving away behind the stove anyway.

From the sounds of it, he is still a very horny boy and is anxious for me to do something about it, so, I’m feeling like dinner on Monday won’t exactly be the main act anyway.

I asked him his favorite color and he said it’s blue. What a coincidence…I just bought something in a pretty blue.

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