Counting Down

Time is whittling down. In a little less than a week’s time, I will be tucked away on a jumbo jet airliner en route to Japan. I’ve never been on a flight alone, or for as long, so this will be a series of firsts in more ways than one (you know, on top of flying across the world to hang out with a guy I’ve never met).  It’s actually 2 flights each way, as I’ll be flying to and from Japan via Canada. I managed to score window seats on 3 of the 4 legs, but for the flight back from Japan to Canada I will be sandwiched between 2 people. As I plan to utilize an OTC sedative to make me sleep most of the flight away, I can only hope I don’t end up falling asleep on someone’s shoulder. (And worse…drooling on it.)

Reed is antsy to get off of the ship. It’s just a matter of days for him at this point. He also let me know, as tactfully as he could via his work email system, that he’s a bit horny. Figures. I can imagine being trapped on a hot ship (he mentioned that the AC aboard is on the fritz) for weeks and weeks with hordes of (mostly) men might render any hot-blooded male hungry for female attention. He said he’d try to behave himself while we’re wining and dining that first night, but he can’t make any promises. I’m not sure I want him to behave himself.

I’ve had sex exactly one time since Reed and I have been talking. With a friend who’s been a bit of a regular thing for a while but with whom there is absolutely no potential for any kind of relationship. But that’s been it. For the most part, Reed has occupied so much of my energy and thoughts that I really haven’t had the desire for anyone else. Not that there’s been anyone else to desire anyway. No one of significance has piqued my interest to any serious extent in any recent outings, and Tinder has all but dried up. I didn’t delete it, but I made myself undiscoverable, and even the few most persistent matches who would message me every week or so even though my activity had been minimal have long since given up.

On one hand, I never like putting all my eggs in one basket when it comes to men. Because more often than not, it doesn’t work out for me and it always sucks not having a back up. As I’ve heard in varying manners of wordage, “The only way to get over one man is to get under another.” But on the other hand, who I want is who I want and I’m not typically good at multi-tasking men to any success because I tend to resent people who genuinely like me just because they’re not HIM – whoever it is I want at the time. And since the one I want is usually a total douchebag who is toying with me somehow and causing me pain and frustration, this resentment may rear its ugly head either intentionally or unintentionally.

None of that applies to Reed so far because he hasn’t been a douchebag by any means. And even if he was, I’ve just happened to have a bit of a dry spell where there’s not really been a lot of competition for my attention lately. Some of it has been self-induced in that I have a lot of shit going on so have not really had men on the brain lately, and most of it has been talking to Reed.

In any case, the moral of the story is: there’s a good chance that Reed and I will end up in his bed (or wherever in his place) sooner rather than later once I arrive. Why put it off?

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