I’d say I’m a little bit a fashion fan. I appreciate fashion for its inherent embodiment of creativity, artistry, and beauty, so I like looking at it. I read Vogue and Elle magazines and other similar publications,  and in a general sense I tend to know what current trends are. I like pretty clothes, shoes, purses, and accessories as much as the next girl. However, I am by no means a “fashionista” in that I obsess over what I’m wearing or keep up doggedly with designers or strive to purchase any kind of fashion item that costs more than my rent (maybe if I ever marry rich). But I do like to look nice and put together…or at least like I didn’t just roll out of bed or whatever the hell.

That being said, I will pretty much wear anything from anywhere. I don’t discriminate. There are certain stores and brands I flock to in that I like their general aesthetics and can pretty much always find something I like if I’m particularly on the hunt, but I’ve been known to run into a Target for a completely unrelated product or two and get immediately sidetracked in the clothing section. I pretty much get sidetracked in any section of Target no matter what it is I actually went there for. But the clothes in particular always get me because they’re right inside the main entrance of my local store. Damn them. I read before that there’s a science to organizing a department store that is designed to do that to people. It works.

In honor of my upcoming trip to the Orient, I decided to buy some new dresses for the occasion. Never mind the fact that I have plenty of dresses in my closet, including several that have yet to be worn…I just like using any excuse to buy a new dress. Because dresses are my absolute favorite type of clothing, especially in warm weather. A sundress and sandals will be my summer go-to outfit for all of eternity. Just so easy and feminine and pretty.

With most of this week being devoted to convalescence in bed due to my foot (which is much better), plus the fact that it’d be a good idea at this point for me to stop spending money like it grows on trees, I opted to do some poking around on a site called

I first came across Sammydress about a year ago when I was shopping for dresses for a photo shoot I was partaking in just for fun with a friend. I was looking all over the interwebs and happened upon the site at some point in my cyberspace travels.The first thing I noticed about it are that the prices are ridiculously cheap for some pretty cute clothes. We’re talking dresses that are 7 or 8 bucks in a lot of cases. I just knew it had to be some sort of scam, so before I got my hopes up I did my research. I was able to conclude that while it isn’t a scam per se, there were a plethora of complaints floating around about the timeliness (or lack thereof) of the shipping process, and then the fit and/or quality of the clothes once they had finally arrived. But on the other end of the spectrum there were people who were perfectly satisfied with what they got. So basically, the reviews were a mixed bag of nuts. But at least I knew it was a legitimate enterprise, which was really my main point of concern. Because it didn’t appear to be overwhelmingly hopeless at least, I decided to give it a whirl.

My order consisted of the following items:

Order #1
Dresses #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

SHIPPING: The order DID take a while to get to me, as I recall. Probably about 3 or so weeks.  It is in fact coming from another continent, but I’ve ordered merchandise from China before and have never had it take that long. So those naysayers complaining about the shipping were right. Apparently some people have had theirs take even longer. So if you need something promptly, this isn’t the place to go.

FIT: With any kind of online shopping, it’s just the luck of the draw as to if/how an item will fit. I generally don’t shop online for any kind of clothing, even from more reputable establishments. I don’t dare buy pants online because I have long legs and then different styles have different ideas about what the “waist” is. Too tricky. I need to try my pants on. I generally wouldn’t buy any kind of fitted shirt or dress online because I have big boobs on a lean frame, and some stores (like Forever 21, while I still shop there every once in a while) have taught me that some adult clothes are simply just not made for women with breasts. So I prefer to be able to try shirts and dresses on as well. The only reason I entertained Sammydress was because it was so insanely cheap. It seems to be prevailing opinion that their stuff is generally cut small.

One good point to Sammydress is they have a review section for each item where previous buyers can post their opinions and even upload a photo of themselves in the piece along with their body dimensions, which helps a prospective buyer see how it looks and fits on a real person. That, and the specific size charts they have for each piece has been helpful in helping me to gauge how something will look on me. Sometimes there are no reviews or customer pictures though, so you just have to wing it. As it happened, dresses #2, #3, and #4 fit fine and I still have them in my closet (I chose #4 for the shoot). I forget what exactly happened with dresses #1 and #5, but they either didn’t fit and/or weren’t all they were cracked up to be in person, so I donated them. I paid a total of $62.87 for everything above, including shipping. That works out to $12.57 per item. So even though I couldn’t use 2 of them, it wasn’t worth the time or expense to send $24.00 back across the ocean if I can just give it to charity.

QUALITY: Well…it should be kind of obvious, if you’re paying $8.00 or so for a dress, that it’s probably not something that will last for generations or win any fashion design awards for tailoring. There were some loose or frayed threads that needed to be snipped, but none of it was falling apart in my hands. None of this stuff is anything I would wear to, like, The White House State Dinner, but I’d consider it worth the price even if I got one or two wears out of it anywhere else appropriate. All my dresses looked as they did in the pictures pretty much. I wore #4 for the shoot for about an hour, but I haven’t worn it any the other 2 out anywhere as of yet, so I can’t say they’ve really been test driven. But I wouldn’t be hesitant to wear them.

The moral of the story is: Sammydress is a good site for cheap, cute, fun clothes.  I ended up buying 9 dresses this time around. But that just very well might’ve been idiotic of me because I forgot how long the last order took to get to me, so it’s a distinct possibility that this one won’t even get to me by the time I leave. But even if I can’t use them for Japan, I can still have them for Mexico, so all is not lost.

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