In the Middle

I checked my email earlier today and my face lit up when I saw Reed’s name at the top in bold as new mail. Only…it wasn’t an actual response. It was some weird web script mumbo jumbo and assorted strings of characters with a smattering of words in between from a Navy server that, once I finally deciphered it, basically said that my email to him yesterday morning had not been delivered, but will be reattempted automatically for a period up to 2 weeks. Uh…okay? Some internet research revealed that this is indicative of the ship’s communication system being limited or down completely, which could be for a variety of reasons. And it could extend for an indefinite duration. Ugh.

Notwithstanding that nonsense, Reed’s responses have been coming in more frequent intervals as of late. Every 1 to 2 days as opposed to every 3 to 4 days. That may not seem like such a significant difference, but when email is the only way you have to communicate with someone you look forward to hearing from, every 24 hours is significant. I gather that, wherever he is, he’s several hours behind me, because the majority of his responses have come to me in the wee hours of the morning. Yesterday morning I was lying awake in the pre-dawn hours for no real reason, and I heard the email alert on my iPad sound. I had a feeling it was him, and lo and behold, it was!

We had kind of started settling into a communicative rhythm with each other where our personalities and wits and senses of humor really started to mesh into a comfortable banter. The emails on both ends gradually got longer and more in depth. He is an excellent writer and I adore his emails because they are not only well-written in terms of spelling and grammar and syntax and all that technical jazz, but also in the amount of effort he seemingly puts into composing them and taking the time to describe general aspects about what his days are like and his work activities.

Like I said before, Reed comes off as kinda nerdy – albeit a handsome nerd – more than anything. Definitely not like what might be the stereotypical pilot personality: arrogant and brash. He may be those things or he may not be, but in our extensive communications he never has been. That’s not to say that he’s not like that in terms of his career. Certain professions demand an aggressive, confident, Type-A personality that is typically confused with cockiness, and his is definitely one of them. So when he’s at work there may well be another side to him. But with me, he’s not like that.

Looking back on how everything progressed from Tinder until now, I kind of had to take the lead and prompt everything. I’m the one who suggested we start texting. He was immediately amenable to it and texted me right away after he got my number, but I had to suggest it first. I had to start dropping hints about the phone call, and even then that took some days to accomplish.

Or maybe he’s just a gentleman who allowed me to go at my own pace. Perhaps women these days (including myself) tend to confuse gentlemanly behavior with disinterest or reserve or shyness because we’re so used to toolbags who are immediately chomping at the bit to get into our pants. Reed was not that. There was no doubt he had a romantic interest in me, but he never pushed it.

A lot of guys on Tinder, or even those you meet in person, get your number and almost immediately start hounding you about sending them pictures of yourself and various body parts. Or sending pics of their body parts. Reed never did that. He never sent me any dirty pics or tried to sext me or anything like that. That’s not to say we never had any sexually tinged conversations, and I definitely did send him lots of pictures – some naughtier than others – but he really never solicited anything like that outright. He definitely didn’t mind it, and was appreciative, but he never demanded it. He seemed to enjoy simply just talking to me. It was different.

Needless to say, I’m excited about Japan. Anxious as well, but more excited. The next 2 weeks are going to pass agonizingly slow. Life is unpredictable and pretty much always a gamble, so who can really say how it will turn out? All I know is I have a good feeling about this whole thing, so I’m going with it. It’s a completely bizarre circumstance, but it is what it is.

The fact of the matter is, I might be a little “off” for flying to the other side of the world to meet him, but at the same time, Reed is clearly into the idea, so we’re obviously mutually “off.” I’m incurring the time and expense to fly there, but Reed is making serious strides on his end as well. After all, he is opening up his home to me, and even taking off of work to be able to spend time with me. He keeps bouncing ideas off me of things we can do or places we can go, so he is clearly looking forward to this as much as I am.

So at least we’re meeting in the middle.

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