Holding Pattern

I got a reply from Reed yesterday afternoon, which was a pleasant surprise. It’s hard to try to predict when they will come since they have all arrived at varied intervals and times of day and thus there is no discernible pattern to them. He asked how I was and what I’d been up to and then said things have been pretty hectic aboard the ship so far and went on to describe some of the things that he has been doing, which sounded pretty cool.

What he did not address at all was anything about Japan. In fact, it was actually a completely new email outside of the email thread we already had established. So at this point, given what he said previously about the ship’s internet, I’m not sure if he received my previous email regarding narrowing down a location, or not. Or maybe he did and is just ignoring it because me going to Japan is a completely idiotic idea and the powers that be know that and are trying to look out for me. The more I have time to think about it in an objective context, and not just in the context of my life being super stressful right now and wanting to get away from it for a while, the more I realize that. But, you know…whatever…In any case, we still seem to be in a holding pattern.

In other news, Carly and I have decided to embark on a trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia this coming weekend. These plans were tentative as of last week and I was iffy about it since I have a lot going on, was just there over the weekend of July 4th, MIGHT be going to Japan in a month, and am DEFINITELY going to Mexico in November…but I’m the one who originally proposed the idea way back when and so when we were talking about it last Friday I figured What the hell and she booked it the next day.

Perhaps I’ll have a good enough time there and get just the amount of stress relief I need to quell my Japan craving.

We shall see.

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