Ready to Roll

I woke up yesterday morning on my friend Carly’s couch in that groggy drunken haze situated at the tail end of inebriation and right on the cusp of a hangover. I went out for happy hour after work on Friday with intentions of blowing off some serious steam, and a night of drunkenness ensued with Carly, who is my regular partner in crime in these matters. Apparently at some point in my travels I gave my phone number to someone I don’t even remember, and I only know this because of some texts we exchanged later in the night where he was trying to get me to come to another bar to meet him. I don’t even remember meeting him or who he is or anything about him. I had a LOT of steam to blow off which means a lot of alcohol was had.

Despite the mild hangover, my day was instantly brightened when I checked my email and discovered a reply from Reed – FINALLY! – at about 3 a.m. I’m not sure where he is exactly or what time zone he is in, but I’m assuming we are probably not in the same one. He explained that the internet on the ship can cause delays on his end, and said that he hopes his silence hadn’t confused me. I thought that was a thoughtful thing to say.

He said he lives near Tokyo, but was thinking about visiting another city that appears to be almost 250 miles away from Tokyo. So it’s pretty much settled in my mind…as soon as he lets me know exactly where I should be flying to, I’m going to hop on a website and book myself a $1,200 flight to travel a little over 6,000 miles to a foreign country to meet a guy from Tinder in person for the first time. A idea that on face value seems utterly ludicrous and maybe even desperate. Probably even slightly insane.

There are plenty of men in the United States, in my own state, in my own zip code, that I could meet. Plenty that would want to meet me. Plenty that I have met. I certainly have no problem garnering male attention whether it’s in a bar or on Tinder or through any other medium. And yet, here I am…still single. Perpetually. So clearly that’s not working out for me too well.

I like Reed. I like the way he looks and I like talking to him. And I know he is who he says he is. We seem to have established some type of preliminary connection, but without having met in person, it’s uncertain just how strong or real that connection is. Unfortunately, it just so happens that he lives 6,000 miles away, and even then his availability over the next several months will be limited. He said he’d be back in Japan in October and then “maybe” December. So I’m gathering that he has some more deployments coming up after this one. So really, next month is the only opportunity I’ll have to meet him until he gets reassigned back to the states in the early part of next year. And even with that, he still doesn’t know where he will be going yet. So many unknowns…

This is one of those things that, just by the sheer nature of its ridiculousness, will turn out either amazingly well or disastrously bad. There’s just no middle ground here, with the amount of expense and effort I’m going to put into embarking on such a risky venture.

On a side note, through some extensive Facebook stalking of Reed on the low over the past several weeks, I discovered that he and the cheating bastard are friends on there. As to how well they know each other or whether they talk in real life or not, I have no idea. But I am certainly glad I never told Reed that story, and I definitely don’t intend to now. Not any time soon, anyway.

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