Two Night Stand

My profession is not one of the standard 9-to-5 variety, so while the majority of the world was able to get fancied up and drink and party it up until the stroke of midnight and beyond on New Year’s Eve, I myself was at work until almost 1 a.m. No worries, though, because the bars are allowed to stay open indefinitely for it and thus as soon as I was released from my servitude I met my friends out for some New Year’s drinks and cheer.

As I walked in the bar to meet them I spotted a gentleman that from behind looked kind of like Twin II (or Twin I, I guess). I headed over to speak but upon further inspection I realized it wasn’t either twin at all and I did not in fact know this guy. But I was able to see that he was pretty good looking. Tall, clean-cut, crisply dressed in a blazer and button-down…my cup of tea for sure.

I noticed him throughout the night milling around the bar from time to time but he never seemed to take notice of me and I never had an appropriate opportunity to strike up conversation or anything, so…that was pretty much that.

It might’ve been about 3 a.m. when my friends decided to call it a night and said their goodbyes. So suddenly I found myself all alone yet not quite ready to pack it in just yet. As I stood there surveying my surroundings, who should I notice just a few footsteps away but the tall handsome stranger all by his lonesome? It didn’t appear that he was there with a date or even with anybody at all. So at that point I seized the opportunity.

I was pretty tipsy so I don’t remember exactly how the conversation started, but before I knew it, Cooper and I were like 2 peas in a pod. The bar was still going pretty strong but it was bound to be closing eventually and I guess we decided we’d had enough and decided to go back to chill at his place and drink more there. Driving was out of the question; he lived about a 15-minute walk from the bar strip which would ordinarily be doable but probably not the best idea in the wee hours of the morning when both parties are a good bit intoxicated. So we got a cab to his place and I do believe we did a shot of Fireball and then settled on his couch with some beers. Even though I don’t like beer.

A round of drunken sex ensued later on. We passed out and woke up around 10 a.m. I wasn’t miserably hungover but I wasn’t quite up to par. He was kind enough to fetch a cup of water for me. But I needed food. I’m not sure where the idea came from or why I even thought he’d be down for it, but I suggested we get brunch. Just a random, off-the-cuff idea, but I wanted to get some food on my stomach so I would’ve gone whether he had agreed to it or not.

But he did. Nice. I gathered my things and dressed with the assumption that we’d be parting ways after brunch. We took his car back to the bar strip and picked out a spot to eat. I ordered a mimosa and he got a crush and I planned on only having one or 2 drinks, max. But…I don’t know. One mimosa turned into 2 then 3 then 4. Then, for God knows what reason, we started doing shots. Not even fully recovered from the night before and there we were, at it again. Hair of the dog, I guess.

I was having fun. This was the most random of situations to find myself in, but I just went with it. I learned a lot about his background and his family and I liked it. He’s smart, successful, seems to come from a good family, and he was very easy to talk to. We had the same ideas about a lot of things. I told him at a certain point that I’d probably need to chill at his place for a bit to let the alcohol wear off before heading home, and he was fine with it. His day was completely clear. He doesn’t work the standard 9-to-5 either. I was actually supposed to work that night but it became clear after a while that that wouldn’t be happening. So I played hooky.

We decided we were done there and would head back to his place. We asked for the tab and he snatched it up as soon as it came without even batting an eye. We headed outside ostensibly to find a cab back to his place since he was definitely in no condition to drive, but it was cold and there were no cabs in sight, and before I knew it he was leading us to another bar so we could “wait for a cab.” Right!

We drank more. We talked more. We laughed more. More fun. Up until the point where we decided to get ready to leave and I made a quick trip to the bathroom beforehand. I came back out to discover that he had disappeared. The seats we had been occupying had been taken by other people and there was no sign of Cooper anywhere. I figured he had gone to the bathroom as well, but after a few minutes elapsed and he didn’t come back I took it upon myself to take a quick peek inside the men’s restroom to see if he was in there. Empty. I didn’t have his phone number so I had no way of contacting him at that point.

He ditched me. Wow. What a bummer. If you were ready to call it quits, that’s all you had to say. There I was all alone in the middle of a bar, drunkenly disoriented and ditched. I had just started to contemplate my dire situation when I looked up to see Cooper walking toward me.

He was back. He had run downstairs to the first floor to go say hi to a buddy or something. Not ditched after all. Not that it would’ve been the end of the world, I just thought that would’ve been a really jacked up thing to do. But alas, that wasn’t at all the case. Whew!

We cabbed it back to his place and engaged in more drunken sexual escapades. I put on one of his t-shirts afterward and we settled on the couch in his living room and watched TV. At one point later in the evening I got hungry. There was really nothing to eat in his house, but he showed me the menu of a local delivery spot that was likely to be open. To my delight, it was. I ordered us cheesesteak subs and we watched a movie. Eventually we started fooling around again on the couch and we headed upstairs for the night soon after to finish things from there.

I woke up a little bit before 2 a.m. craving fluids. I made several trips to the kitchen for juice and water throughout the night. We slept and laid around until just after 9 a.m. He indicated that he wasn’t feeling quite well, so I got water for him. Soon after it was time to get the day started.

We made the 15-minute trek back to the bar strip for our cars by foot. He saw me to my car and asked for my number. We exchanged. He said he had a good time and gave me a kiss goodbye. I told him to hit me up and tentatively suggested getting together next week. He said he needed some time to recover, but seemed agreeable to it. Whether I will hear from him or not is anyone’s guess. Most gentlemanly guys ask for your number after stuff like this I guess to be polite, but that doesn’t mean I will actually hear from him. I like him…I think he’s a good guy and it’d be nice to hang out with him on more of a sober tip and to get to know him better, but I won’t be holding my breath. The ball is in his court.

We had a lot of fun, but spending 2 nights at a stranger’s house without any grooming or hygiene products available certainly took its toll on my physical appearance. My makeup had disintegrated, a toothbrush did not touch my mouth not one time, and my hair, especially this morning, was a tangled disaster on one side in particular. I gather I probably looked like a homeless person. So he has seen me at my worst, that’s for sure.

So…that was different. Not the average one night stand. A two night stand, really. I can’t say I’ve ever spent 30 consecutive hours with a guy I went home with from a bar. So completely random. But it just happened to work out like that and I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow type of person if something just seems to fit. This is the stuff life is made of.

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