Naughty or Nice

Last Friday evening I moseyed on over to a holiday happy hour that was coordinated by some colleagues. And it was a grand old time. I got to catch up with some people I never really get to hang out with and to better acquaint myself with some cool people that I don’t ever really cross paths with at work or otherwise.

I had a little bit of a buzz going on by the time this guy, Scout, arrived a couple of hours into it. I really don’t remember him even showing up; suddenly he was just…there. Very tall, boyishly handsome (even in his mid-40s), fantastic muscular body…right up my alley. I knew oF him from crossing paths at work several years go, but hadn’t seen or really heard anything about him or had reason to think about him since. He wasn’t on my radar then, but he definitely was at this point in all his delectable looking glory.

We talked and hung out in the midst of the rest of the group. Everyone got progressively more tipsy. At some point Scout said he was leaving to go to another bar not far away. I asked if he minded the rest of us (or really, just me!) going too and he was game. So he and I and several of the others (including Carly) migrated to another establishment.

Honestly, it really escapes me what actually transpired between Scout and I throughout most of the night. I bought us shots at one point. I do believe we had plans to meet in the bathroom for a make out session at another, which went awry. The bottom line is, I was obviously a little drunk and at some point there obviously was some mutual flirting and/or just me really just acting like a skank. As sometimes I do.

I do know that by the end of the night, right before closing, I was waiting for him in my car. I think most of, if not all of, our other colleagues had bailed for the night. But I made a point to leave a little sooner than him so it would not look like we were walking out “together.”

He ended up joining me in my car when he left, and we engaged in a very intense make out session before parting ways for the night. Good times had by all.

I gave it until Sunday afternoon before texting him to apologize for my antics the other night. He wasn’t sweating it. I pretty much made it known that I’d be open to continuing where we left off, but it’s looking like this’ll be a one-and-done. Which is just as well…Scout is married. Very, very hot, but very, very married.

Yep. I was a bad girl and ended up on Santa’s naughty list. 😦

It would occur to me later on that my friend Sarah has a huge crush on this guy. That’s how my faint memory of him from years ago really came back to me…because I remembered Sarah being just the littlest bit obsessed with him from afar.

I told Sarah all about the happy hour and the fact that he was there…minus the making out, of course.

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