Tee Hee

And just as I anticipated, JP and I promptly crashed and burned not even a week after his revelation.

Not immediately though. The funny thing is, even after that Sunday where he told me about Little Miss Dominican Princess (hereafter un-affectionately known as LMDP), nothing really changed between us. To me it was definitely a blower at first but I sucked it up and got over it because there was essentially nothing “wrong”…that’s just the way dating is. You meet and experience different people and eventually make a decision on who you want to be with, or if you want to be with anyone at all. It was just irksome that LMDP already had the jump on me because they had actually met and he was already clearly into her. But I figured he and I could meet and test the waters and if she still won out then I could at least say I had a fair chance. Maybe it was more of a competitiveness with me, I don’t know. I guess I did really like him, but who can say for sure?

Anyway…Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, me and JP maintained the status quo. The conversations did start hitting more of a salacious tone, mutually, but nonetheless there was the same steady contact throughout all of those days just like usual and I never heard another word about LMDP. Not that I bothered to inquire.

He even called me out of the blue late Tuesday night after he returned from a work-related function. We talked for about an hour and a half into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. It was during that conversation where we talked about him coming here that Friday and he confirmed that he was still going to. Other than that, we talked about any and everything. It was a great conversation and I thought it was a good sign.

But deep down, I knew that what DID happen was exactly what was GOING to happen. I called him Thursday night to see if he was still coming the next day and lo and behold, he told me he wasn’t…he was going to fly to see LMDP instead. And “meet her family.” Oh, okay…you guys have known each other for not even 2 weeks and hung out for one weekend and now it’s time to meet the family. Right.

That conversation did not go well. I’d had a bit of wine throughout the evening (mostly to settle my nerves regarding the JP situation) and thus I kind of acted out a little bit after essentially being told I was being stood up.

The next morning I felt bad and sent him a series of texts to apologize and let him know that while I’m a little hurt, I understand and think perhaps we might be able to be friends a ways down the road. Didn’t talk to him all that day. Realized on Saturday morning that I missed talking to him a little. Darn. Called him and left a message to that extent.

Saturday night…went out with Carly, got inebriated, and drunk dialed him. That did not go well at all. He kept hanging up on me because he was with LMDP and was really nasty to me, so I in turn sent him a series of scathing texts to express my displeasure (after repeatedly calling him a bunch of times).

And that was that.

I was really upset in the ensuing days after that. I felt bad for my drunken antics, especially the excruciatingly mean texts I sent him. But hey…Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I didn’t hear from him after that nor attempt to contact him. I did want to apologize for everything but I just figured it was better to let everything be.

And now I’m over the situation and really don’t care anymore. However, I do care enough to Facebook stalk LMDP on occasion, and I’ve been entertaining myself at the faster-than-light progression of their relationship.

First, a little on LMDP. And keep in mind, this is just my impression from the millions of pictures a stranger has access to from her Facebook. She’s beautiful. But vapid. She’s one of those girls that takes a million selfies of herself at a time and posts them all. I’ve always found that to be particularly cheesy, and even a little strange.

But one picture I found especially amusing and revealing was not a selfie, but one of her at some type of dressy affair where she was able to take a picture with Alessandra Ambrosio, a Victoria’s Secret model. She proceeds to, in her caption of said picture, ask her audience who the prettier one is and then attempts to bolster her case by adding that she (LMDP) hasn’t had plastic surgery, did her own makeup and hair, and has on a cheap dress. WTF? WHO does that?! What kind of catty, immature, insecure bitch do you have to be to fish for attention and compliments by displaying a picture of you with a model who was nice enough to take a picture with you and then making a case for yourself as to why you’re the more attractive one? That just does not ring right to me.

Besides that, on or around Valentine’s Day of this year she has a picture of the various gifts an unidentified person sent her, then another later picture of some flowers another unidentified person sent her at work. Maybe it was the same person, maybe it wasn’t, but obviously she’s one of those who needs explicit assurance of how attractive she is and to validate that she gets attention from guys. Yawn.

So that’s LMDP: A vapid, insecure, attention-seeking girl. Completely typical and uninteresting.

Oh, but now JP is the love of her life! And vice versa!

From said weekend where he ditched me for her (at which point they had known each other a whole two weeks), there is a whole slew of pictures on her page of them hanging out together, and she refers to him as “the man of her dreams.” Really?

Last weekend, out of boredom, I checked on things in the hopes of having a laugh and was not disappointed. In true LMDP fashion, there was a photo collage of her receiving and doting over a bouquet of roses he sent her, where she proclaims to “fall deeper and deeper in love with him every day.” Like, literally, you can see another person in a mirror in one picture standing there taking pictures of LMDP touching and smelling and smiling at these flowers from multiple angles and poses. And even his card, which you would think would be private at least, is shown in all its glory. And I’m not even going to get into what that says. And of course, his Facebook profile picture was changed to one of the 2 of them this past Monday…literally one month after they met. LOL…

So…yeah. Their whole freaking situation is so retarded that it literally makes me laugh. It’s 2 people who, while I’m sure they do genuinely find each other attractive, are pressed to be in a relationship and to be in love and are thus are striving to manufacture a romance very quickly. On LMDP’s end, I think she just likes the attention. She likes being wanted (as we all do), but she also likes other people to see that she’s wanted. “Look everyone, someone likes me!” Keep in mind, all these pictures are public. I’m not Facebook friends with her, nor do we have any mutual friends (JP has long since deleted me, of course), so there’d be no way I’d be able to see these pictures if they weren’t public. It really wouldn’t surprise me if she were trying to make another guy jealous or something. Maybe to get back at an ex. Something just feels off about these highly public and extensive proclamations of love for someone she didn’t even know existed a little before a month ago. Very, very off.

On JP’s end, it wouldn’t surprise me if he still has unresolved issues/feelings concerning his ex, which is why he got attached to this girl so quickly. JP’s ex was also a Dominican girl that he was with for 3 years. They broke up in December, says he, because she was jobless and broke and didn’t seem to want to do anything while working toward her future career. He said he couldn’t see himself building a future with her so they broke up and it took him a while to get over her. But he would talk about her fairly often, even making out-of-the-blue vicious comments about her randomly. He talked about her saggy boobs on one occasion, mentioned a loose vagina on another. Just very bizarre, random comments that I wasn’t even sure how to respond to. And here we are…with another Dominican girl. Who you’re just so in love with after a month. Hmm…

In any case, my prediction is that this farce of a romance is likely to burn itself out within 90 days. And that’s retroactive to the day they met, not even 90 days from now. That’s my low estimate. My high estimate is by the end of the year, at the very most. I just don’t see where they’re going with this. If you really fancy yourself deeply in love with someone you’ve known for a month, then more power to you, I guess, but chances are you’re in love with an ideal, and probably more so in love with the idea of being in love itself.

If JP can sweep her off her feet in a matter of weeks, what’s to stop someone else from doing the same thing? Especially given that he’s bound to be away from her a lot with his job. He already said himself that she’s a serial dater. She obviously gets off from getting basic attention from guys and needs the world to know its occurring or else she can’t sleep at night.

Good luck with that I guess.

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