The Scoop

Since this morning me and JP have had the opportunity to talk some via text and an actual phone call, and while I still feel a bit unsettled about the situation, I appreciate him talking to me and being honest with me regardless.

So…the “other woman” is not actually Tinder girl no. 3 as I initially suspected. He did meet her the Friday before last like he said, but he met her in person while he was out. And he was off work and back in his hometown (he lives elsewhere now…moved several months ago for a new airline), so she’s long distance too.

He said they met then and had been talking throughout the week like me and him have been. So he was making me feel all giddy and special and it turns out he had someone else on his plate too. I applaud his effort though.

He was back in his hometown this past weekend and apparently he saw her again. He claimed he did not go there for that exact purpose, but that it was a “bonus.” But I guess they did some more substantial hanging out and I guess he started realizing he likes her and hence he said he mentioned her to me this morning because he was going to spill the beans anyway, regardless of my keen instinct that sensed something amiss and thus sparked the appropriate questioning.

So…whatever. In some ways I feel better. In some ways I feel worse. I feel better in that all she really has on me is the fact that he and her have met in person while he and me have not. Other than that, she hasn’t known him but a couple of days longer than I have (using the term “known” very loosely here, being as I have NOT met him in person). She doesn’t live in his city, so he’d have to expend just as much effort to see her as he would have to see me.

What makes me feel not so better is the fact that he felt the need to mention her at all. Some girl he’s only known for a week. To me that’s just…weird. He admittedly has no idea where things are going with this girl, or if she’s even interested in him at all. As he said, it could very well turn out not to go anywhere. So why even bring it up to another girl you’re talking to? Isn’t that a little too preliminary? It just makes me feel a certain type of way that he would be willing to gamble our potential on her potential when there’s nothing even solid there. That’s, like, bad dating sense or something. If I met 2 guys around the same time that I’m interested in, I’m not going to piss on one for the other unless me and one of them pointedly decide to become exclusive.

But he said he just wanted to be honest. That’s admirable I guess.

So we had a discussion and I told him like this: I kind of like him, we’ve been having a good time, and I think he kind of likes me too. So I think, given the situation, it would behoove us to meet in person at least. I realize he’s hung out with this girl a couple of times and he thinks there may be something there, but we’ve been hitting it off well so far, only we’ve not had the opportunity to meet. So we should. And if we do and there’s no chemistry, then at least we’ll know. But there might in fact be, so we should see.

He seemed to be with that. He’s off this Friday and Saturday, as I am, and said he’d make an effort to come here to see me and see how things go.

We’ll see if this actually comes to fruition. I mean, if he already thinks he’s really this much into Little Miss I’ve-Hung-Out-With-Her-Twice-And-Now-I’m-In-Love, then by the time Friday gets here and they’ve had all week to keep talking and to bond and whatever the hell, he might end up backing out. On that note, I just went to his Facebook page randomly and noticed she left a comment on his wall to say what a good time she had this weekend with her “favorite pilot.” He responded that he had the same great time and can’t wait to do it again. That ain’t good. And she’s pretty. BLAH. I wouldn’t say she’s more or less pretty than me, but she is attractive. She doesn’t have better boobs than me though, I can tell. Not that it’d matter if push came to shove.

This sucks. I’m not used to liking people. I rarely ever do. But when I do, it always sucks. ALWAYS.

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