Mile High Club

So on Tinder, there seems to be a multitude of pilots. Especially of the commercial variety. And you know they’re pilots because they all use pictures of themselves in uniform with a gigantic airplane in the background, or from within the cockpit itself, so all the women see how hot and manly they are for possessing the knowledge and skill to operate such a sophisticated piece of machinery.

And yes, it has worked on me a time or two. I do tend to appreciate a man in uniform.

I’ve matched with several pilots on Tinder but none of them ever live anywhere near me. We matched because they had flown into my vicinity temporarily for work and then were right back on the go again. I talked to one pilot a couple of times who seemed to be just looking for a hookup whenever he was in town. No thanks.

And then there’s JP.

JP and I matched somewhere around July 6th. He, of course, had the requisite picture of himself in uniform in front of an airplane. But he was standing a distance from the camera so his face wasn’t really clear. And it was only the one picture, which never really sits well with me. I figure if you only have one picture on a dating site (or app), then something is amiss. But he looked like he could be cute, and fit, and what the hell, it’s only Tinder…so I swiped right. He swiped right with me too eventually so we matched and he immediately started messaging me even though it turned out by the point we were over 300 miles away from each other. He had flown into my area that afternoon but had already left.

He told me how pretty I am and we made small talk about our professions and heights between July 6th and the next day. He said he doesn’t really get on Tinder much anymore because he’s not that big of a horn ball. And that was pretty much it. That’s how it usually goes with Tinder. At least for me. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I didn’t really think anything of it until he started messaging me again this past Monday night. I was delayed in answering him, but he got back to me the next day and we started chatting about vacations and various other things. He said he wanted to send me a picture of an experience he had in the Dominican Republic and asked for my phone number so he could do so. I figured what the hell and gave it to him. He sent me the pic and it showed a much better view of his face and I realized he was actually very cute. And he’s tall, which is a major plus.

From there the conversation flowed steadily and we ended up texting extensively. Even though I was out with my friends, I was kind of drawn to the conversation. It only ended because he had to get to bed for his transport van at 4 AM the next morning. He mentioned he was going to Spain the next day for recreational purposes, so I didn’t really expect to hear from him the next day, or not even necessarily at any time again. That’s just how these things go sometimes.

But then yesterday he started texting me again in the afternoon. It was more of the same as the day before…random chat and banter about various subjects. We delved more into background information…family life, education, relationships, etc. He broke up with a girl in December that he was with for several years, but says he’s over it and has moved on. She was a little younger and they were at different stages in their lives. At some point he mentioned that we were hitting it off well.

He managed to Facebook stalk me, which he freely admitted. I think because he had my phone number and it’s linked to my Facebook account, they suggested me as a friend to him or something. That’s acceptable. He even sent me a screen shot as proof, because otherwise he would’ve had to have put a LOT of effort into searching for me and that would’ve been just the tiniest bit unsettling for him to partake in that effort on his own in lieu of just asking me for my information. (Not that I’ve never done that myself, but I definitely wouldn’t admit it.)

At some point the conversation started waning, as he was getting ready for his Spain flight. I dozed off for a couple of minutes and woke up to find a missed call from him. My ringer volume was too low to wake me up or else I would’ve answered. I texted him to tell him he could call me back if he wanted, but he was already en route to the airport and said he’d try to if he had enough time at the gate. He never did call back but he kept on texting until just before takeoff. Even jokingly bragging about his free first class international ride. Must be nice to be a pilot!

The last few texts centered around him telling me he’d take me to Europe since I said I’ve never been. And then he had to go.

And again, I didn’t expect to hear from him for a day or two. Or even ever again.

But then this afternoon I get a message on Tinder. And it was him. He said he signed on just to talk to me. (Avoiding those horrid international texting rates…clever.) He asked me to download a messaging app called WhatsApp, so I did, and we connected on there. It turns out he’s in Spain with a female flight attendant friend of his, but he assured me that it’s definitely not a romantic thing. Whatever the case may be, I’m flattered that he made the effort to contact me all the way from Spain

I don’t know…I think he’s nice. Sweet. Cute. Smart. He’s not been overly sexual or sleazy sounding. But I haven’t even met him in person. Who knows what that will bring. And even then, he lives over 400 miles away from me. But I like talking to him. Surely there’s no harm in that?

In other news…never heard from that one guy from Match again. He’d definitely been online since I sent him those 2 messages, but he never responded and then eventually his profile link was greyed out, so I guess he either hid it or blocked me. I guess he found greener pastures. Ah well.

I’ve been talking to another guy on there in recent days who I’m supposed to meet on Saturday. I’ve never met a guy from Match before, so that’ll be a first.

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