So Many Antics…

…so little time.

The last couple of months have been more of the same. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. Just the status quo.

I had my first and thus far only Tinder date back in late May. There was one particular guy I had been messaging with on there for a couple of weeks off and on and he asked me to meet him for drinks. I met him at an upscale hotel bar he suggested and we conversed over drinks for 3 hours until it closed. He was nice looking and seemed very smart but I wasn’t overly attracted to him. Not that I wasn’t attracted to him at all, but only in an indifferent, take-it-or-leave it kind of way as opposed to in a I-gotta-have-him kind of way.

He was a gentleman and walked me several blocks to my car afterward. We hugged and he said he wanted to hang out again and we exchanged phone numbers. He asked me to text him once I got home and I did. He wished me a good night and then I didn’t hear from him for several days. He texted me on a Saturday asking me if I wanted to go on a bicycle ride with him the next day, but I wasn’t able to. I said I’d be up for something else, but I never heard back from him.

And Tinder remains Tinder. It’s nothing I’m taking too seriously. There is one guy I’ve been messaging with for about a month now, but he lives several states away. Not particularly my type anyway, but he’s great to talk to. Otherwise, not much going on there.

The bar scene has been more of the same too. It’s never hard for me to meet guys that way, but those encounters seem to only lead to one-night stands. Fun, but not particularly satisfying.

And alas, I’m back to I decided to resurrect my profile with fresh pictures and a few profile tweaks and I’ve been getting a lot more attention than I ever have. Not only online, but in person as well. I guess I owe it to losing a few pounds and Invisalign. Anyway, I’m trying to give a valid chance this time, and so far it hasn’t been too bad.

There’s one guy in particular that might have some potential. He  messaged me on Monday and between then and Tuesday we exchanged dozens of messages. He looks cute in his photos and we clicked pretty immediately through mutual sarcastic banter. He did express some concern over the fact that we live about 45 minutes from each other, but other than that we had obvious chemistry. I like the way he writes (spelling and grammar wise), he’s tall, he’s gainfully employed in an interesting profession, and he’s funny. On Wednesday morning he said he was off to visit his home state for a few days and wouldn’t be on so much over the next few days, so he wasn’t “sure where this will go.” That didn’t sound particularly encouraging to me, so I just told him to have a good time and that if he’s lucky, no one else will sweep me off my feet while he’s gone.

I wasn’t so sure I’d hear from him again, but then late Wednesday night I got a message from him asking if I miss him yet and declaring that that would’ve been a drunken text message if he had my phone number. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to hint that he wanted my number or not, so I played it safe and responded jokingly, but didn’t offer my number. I expected he would respond to that somehow yesterday, but he never did even though he’d been online. Then last night after having a couple of drinks myself, I tipsily messaged him and bit the bullet and gave him my number. But then I noticed he’s been online again since I’ve sent it and still no return message. Or maybe since he has my number now, he’s going to reply via phone eventually. I have no idea. We will see. If not, there are definitely plenty of fish in the sea.

For instance: I was walking into a convenience store at work the other day and right behind me came a guy I know of from work but who I’ve never actually met. And I know of him because I’m chummy with his child’s mom, who I hung out with a few times in years past, but I’ve not talked to her in a while. He makes a beeline straight for me and starts talking to me. He knew who I was because he said his child’s mom had mentioned me from time to time, and he made a point to let me know they’re not together. We started talking about fitness and the gym and he said we could go together sometime and then pulled the infamous “How will I get in contact with you?” which resulted in us exchanging numbers. What was most interesting about that was that he walked right back out of the store after we finished up. So…he didn’t come in there to buy anything, but had obviously seen me walking in and came in there just to talk to me. I thought that was kind of cute. He’s not my usual type, but he’s pretty good looking.

Zach is once again completely out of the picture. He’s an asshole. As usual, he wasn’t happy with the fact that I wasn’t overly eager to hook up with him and starting talking shit about finding God and wanting to lead a better life and all this nonsense. It turns out, like with all his previous sudden personality changes, that he met a very religious girl or something, and that’s really the cause of his sudden spiritual epiphany. Yawn. We went our separate ways several weeks ago. He said he was going to delete my number and get his changed and all this and that and I gave not one damn. Yet one night last week I get a late night text and gee, look who it is: Zach. “I’m sorry,” and “Do you miss me?” (NO) and all that jazz. I gave him the cold shoulder and he got the point.

Redd and I haven’t spoken in a week. He’d been texting me sporadically to tell me know how much he’s thinking about me and wants me. He was supposed to come over one Saturday night after work but I never heard from him and I didn’t press the issue because I had a feeling this visit would not occur anyway so I went out. He told me later that he came home and passed out. Whatever. He supposedly thinks about me all the time but the one sacred chance he would’ve had to come see me when his girl is away, he squanders. Right. He apologized and I let that one go. But then he asked me to come over last Friday night because his girlfriend was going back home for the weekend. I already had plans for the night so I asked if Saturday would work. He answered “Let me see how tonight goes.” Um…okay? So again, you miss me so much and want to see me so badly, yet once again when you have the rare opportunity you don’t seem to be interested in making it a priority. I told him as much and we haven’t spoken since.

And that was all she wrote…

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