So Woody officially declared his undying love for me the other night…blah.

He came to hang out at the house for Cinco de Mayo and we were sitting around sipping on some drinks when he decided to confess to me that he’s in love with me and thinks about me all the time and blah, blah, blah.

So awkward. So unwanted.

I guess I should be flattered, but it’s annoying. I really love Woody as a friend. He’s been a crucial part of my support system (especially concerning stressful work-related events as of late), he’s fun to hang out with, and I do adore him…but in a strictly platonic way. I am in no way, shape, or form sexually or romantically attracted to him and I’ve never lead him to believe that I am.

So his displays of romantic adoration annoy me because I cannot see how can I possibly maintain a friendship of this caliber with a guy who has these deep feelings for me that aren’t reciprocated. I want us to be friends, but in being friends I need to be able to talk about anything and everything (i.e. my love life, or lack thereof) without feeling awkward or bad about it because, knowing he has these feelings for me, I’m probably causing him pain talking about other guys.

I told him about having sex with Rocky at some point (without revealing Rocky’s identity). He played it cool, but knowing what I know now, it makes me feel bad.

The last time I had to lay down the law to him about my lack of interest in him was the result of a party we went to where an ex of mine was present. At this same party, I stated to a third party in front of Woody that Woody was like a brother to me. Later on after we had parted ways for the night, I received a barrage of texts about how he’s only one person’s brother and that person isn’t me, and how he can’t believe I’d get involved with my ex yet not with him, and things of that nature. He apologized eventually, partly blamed the liquor, and I thought we were over nonsense like that.

And now this.

I think where I get irritated is that whenever he alludes to having any type of romantic interest in me, it makes me wonder whether he’s truly hanging out with me as a friend, or whether he’s covertly trying to woo me and hoping that one day I’ll cave and fall into his arms. And I really don’t know what else I can say to convince him that that will NEVER happen.

He would do probably anything for me and he treats me like a queen and he’s a good, genuine guy, but I’m just not romantically attracted to him. He’s not my type. Not bad looking, just not for me.

It’s strange to be on the other side of the unrequited love equation, because usually it’s me pining after someone who has no interest in me whatsoever.

Anyway…Blaze hasn’t been answering my texts and neither has Rocky. Oh well.

Zach is still a douche. He sent me a litany of texts last week about how he’s taking my number out of his phone because all he ever wants to do is hook up and it’s not good for either of us and some other nonsense. I told him to stop with all the dramatics because it’s not that serious. I’m keeping his number in my phone and he’s keeping mine because we’re friends. And that’s that. He acquiesced to that. But then last night he was talking about hooking up and I told him I’m not interested in that because he’s a selfish lover and it just doesn’t turn me on. He actually texted me as I’m writing this asking me about my day…

Got a text from Domino last night which was just a picture of a thumbs up. I replied “Who’s this?” as if I didn’t have his number in my phone just to screw with him. He then acted like he had the wrong number. I called him by name at that point, and then he asked who I am. Really? You texted me, jackass, which is basically what I said in so many words. He still insisted that he had the wrong number. Yeah, okay…

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