Mission Accomplished

Rocky certainly was a hard nut to crack, but in the end I did manage to crack him. He actually left my house only several hours ago. It was our first encounter together (besides our drunken antics at the bar when we initially met). Whether it will be the last, only time will tell.

The last I wrote, I had texted him the night before to offer my help with a work project. He didn’t answer me immediately so I figured he was just going to ignore me. I wasn’t particularly surprised so it didn’t bother me.

But then, 5 days later, he responded to thank me for the offer. And something about that timing just struck me as odd. The fact that he bothered to answer at all, and then the fact that he answered so long after I’d texted him. Was he just extremely busy and it slipped his mind to respond, or did I pop into his mind or something? I just had a sense of intuition about it.

In the ensuing days we had minimal conversation back and forth about innocuous subjects. I noticed that he texts very grammatically correct. He uses proper capitalization and punctuation and things of that nature and I thought it was really cute. I’m kind of a grammar Nazi sometimes and I myself tend to text in proper sentences, so I can appreciate someone else who does as well. I pretty much told him as much and that was that.

The fun really started on the Friday of St. Patty’s weekend. I went out that evening with Carly and got intoxicated. Later in the night I ended up texting Rocky to tell him that I hope he didn’t think that I was trying to make fun of him about the way he texts. He said he didn’t think that was the case. I told him I’m glad, because I knew he’d either want to screw my brains out or kick my ass, and I certainly didn’t want it to be the latter.

His response: “You’re naughty.”

And that did it. The first signs of cracking. The first time since we met that he’d actually flirted with me blatantly. I was flirty in return but he didn’t answer.

The next night, equally as hammered, I asked him if he wanted some naughty pictures or not. He said he did so I sent him several. He never answered. I sent him another on Sunday and he never answered. He actually never responded for that whole week. Kind of an unsettling thing when you’ve just shown parts of your naked body to someone…makes you feel kind of vulnerable and insecure. I wasn’t very happy about that. Did he not find me attractive? Was he just toying with me and getting me to send him pictures so he could show them to people? (For fear of that happening, I never include my face in naughty pictures anyway.) Without any kind of feedback whatsoever I was completely befuddled. Whatever the case, I just wrote it off as a loss and went on with my life with the intention of not contacting him again.

That lasted until the Monday before last. I was out and happened to run into some of his crew. That made me think about him so I broke down and ended up texting him late in the night and asking him if he was just going to ignore me. No response.

The next evening I apologized for any perceived bitchiness. And I offered to make it up to him with a sexual favor. To my delight, he finally answered. And eventually he started being very flirtatious again. He even ended up asking me for pictures, which I took for him and sent him. Cracking even more deeply…now we were getting somewhere. He asked if I was home and I said yes and told him he could come over, but he said he was expected at home.

This past Monday I was out drinking with my friends all day for baseball and I ended up drunk texting him. He talked about being reluctant about this because he’s in a committed relationship. I assured him the best that I could that I would never run my mouth or do anything to get him in trouble. He said if he were to come over, it’d possibly be very early Thursday morning, like around 6:30 a.m. Later in the night he apparently ended up getting drunk himself and started talking dirty to me, which was a bit of a turn on.

We didn’t speak Tuesday. I was kind of trying to wait him out yesterday and see if he’d initiate contact, but finally I bit the bullet and asked if I’d be seeing him the next morning. I was expecting some kind of excuse, because it’s clear that he’s nervous about getting caught (which is understandable), so I figured he’d come up with some reason to back out. But to my surprise he  confirmed that he’d see me around 6:30 a.m. the next morning.

I didn’t get home until a little after 1 a.m. Nevertheless, I woke up shortly after 5 a.m., showered, got pretty, and put on a nice baby doll. I was a little pissed at my face because it’s been breaking out a  bit lately and although it’s simmering down, there are still a few small pimples and some scarring. I have very resilient skin so it’ll all be gone in a matter of weeks, but I wanted it gone NOW. I wanted to look my best and felt like I didn’t, and I hate that. On the bright side though, I think my body looked awesome. I’ve actually lost close to 20 pounds over the last several months by being consistent with the gym and a lot better with my diet, and it shows.  I’m a lot more toned and even showing the faintest traces of a 6-pack, which is pretty neat. So even if my face wasn’t looking its best, I think my body made up for it.

He showed up pretty promptly. Still as cute as I remembered. He’s in his mid-30s and his hair is already greying, but he has a pretty boyish looking face which creates an attractively odd contrast. He came in and I escorted him upstairs to my room. Immediately upon closing the door we started kissing and fondling against the wall.

We made out, I gave him head, and he came. But only moments later he was ready to go again and we had sex. He was on top and it was pretty good stuff. He’s strong and intense.  To my pleasant surprise, he actually pretty big. I barely remembered it from our bar encounter over a month ago, so it was like seeing it for the first time again. He finished (I guess) and then we laid together and talked for a while. Then eventually I started kissing on him again and giving him more head. I would’ve been willing to finish him that way, but before I knew it he was jumping back on top of me. And after a while he was pulling me on top of him and I rode him until he came again. (So refreshing as opposed to my retarded encounters with Blaze.) We laid together for a little bit longer and then he had to go. I walked him out and he gave me a goodbye kiss and that was that.

So now I have to wait out this horrible limbo stage. Was it just a one-time thing, or will he want to see me again? I can’t call it. I’d do it again, but that’ll be up to him. I’m going to leave the ball in his court. Because really, I’m not exactly sure how to proceed at this point anyway. He’s in a relationship, so it’s not like there’s any chance of a traditional courtship or anything like that. We’re not going to, like, get to know each other and fall in love. It’d be strictly a sexual thing, which is fine with me. But I don’t want him to feel pressured or to feel like I’m pressing him or “expecting” something or anything like that, so I’m just going to leave it to him to hit me up again if he wants to. I do realize I need to be careful about texting him anyway because I never know if he’s with his woman and preoccupied or whatever.

And if it was a one-time thing, then oh well. It was worth it.

In other news, Blaze is still Blaze. I had an impromptu sexual encounter with Zach last week sometime. He was tipsy and I was a little tipsy and he texted me at the right time and ended up coming over and we did our thing and then he left. I’ve talked to him here and there since then but not really. And I’m not worried about it at all. I heard through later accounts of the Saturday of St. Patty’s weekend that I made out with an unidentified guy in a bar, which neither me or my friends recall. Oh, and then early the next morning I had sex with Don on my friend Kip’s couch. Woody clearly likes me and seems to think that one day he’s going to wear me down, but little does he know that I don’t operate like that at all. I either want you from the get-go or I don’t. People don’t grow on me…I just want who I want.

Life is grand.

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