It’s official: Blaze is a douchebag. This was never really in doubt, but he officially cemented his status yesterday.

We’d been texting fairly regularly in the past couple of weeks, but I knew his real aim was sexual in nature. You give a guy a couple of good blowjobs and you just can’t get rid of him. He wanted to come over on Thanksgiving, but for one, I was at my friend Sarah’s house. For two, as I explained to him once again, I wasn’t interested in the whole “hit and run” thing. He claimed he’d hang out this time, would even watch the game with me. OMG, WOW! Thanks for offering to grace me with your presence for 3 whole hours, but no thanks.

I mean, it was quite obvious that Blaze was not interested in anything substantial with me.  And that’s fine, I really don’t care, but then don’t think I’m going to just be down to play with you and leave it at that whenever it suits you.

I ended up broaching this subject with him yesterday, and after I called him out he said he “just has standards.” LOL.

I pointed out to him that for one, he’s the one that initiated contact with me at the bar way back when, not vice versa. So if I’m so below his standards, then why? For two, his ex-girlfriend, who probably rightfully ditched his ass, was nothing to write home about. I wasn’t particularly trying to put her down or anything, she’s certainly not a bad looking girl, even if a little plain, but I just wanted to emphasize to him that he’s not exactly dating supermodel caliber girls here, so he needs to get over himself.

He kind of backtracked and then once again used the excuse of “having a lot going on.” He said the same thing when he flipped out on me a couple of weeks back when he didn’t like me calling him a jackass. I’m not even really sure what that means. You have a “lot going on,” so you act like an asshole to somebody who never did anything to you? Get a life.

He stated, “for the record,” that he was sorry for being an asshole. I told him no worries, he can now get someone up to his “standards,” and told him to have a nice life. And then I deleted his number. Hopefully he deleted mine too.

What a complete ass. If I had shakier self-esteem, that might’ve actually made me feel bad about myself or even sent me into a fit of tears, but I honestly really don’t care. I wasn’t that into him for his opinion to really matter. I’m not a perfect 10, but I’ve never had a problem getting male attention. Ever. I have a couple of physical imperfections that I’m in the process of straightening out (more on that later), but I find myself to be generally very attractive, as do a lot of other people.

So I’m completely not worried about Blaze in the least. He was really cute, but really didn’t seem to have any other redeeming qualities besides his looks to make up for the fact that he’s a toolbag. I just think it’s immature to attack someone’s looks, especially since you’re the one that stepped to her in the first place, and then proceeded to engage in sexual activity with her. Grow up.

If I never hear from him again, it’ll be too soon.

In other news, I ended up wishing Domino a happy Thanksgiving. I talked to him a little the next day and he asked about the trip and feigned being mad that he wasn’t invited. Whatever. I told him he missed my birthday, but he didn’t bother wishing me a happy belated one or anything like that. That would just be too polite. I asked him where my present was (it was supposed to be dinner), but he never answered. Oh well.

Besides wishing Gustav a happy birthday on Facebook, I also messaged him for his email address so I could send him some naughty pictures. He answered, of course, and I sent him a couple as a present. That guy was fun.

One thought on “Standards

  • The standards he was talking about has nothing to do with outer appearances. Obviously if you had better personality, better characteristics, Blaze would have given you more time of the day.


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