As Far as Everything Else…

Blaze hit me up on my second day in the Caribbean talking about he was going to be around my way that night and then a little while after proclaiming that he is now single. I talked to him a couple days later but wasn’t really trying to have extensive conversation due to the exorbitant international rates charged by Sprint. I remarked that he probably just wants to fool around. He said that’s up to me. I’m not sure what that really meant. He hit me up later that week but I informed him that I wasn’t in town and said I’d be back Sunday.

This past Monday I was talking to him and called him a jackass. He took it to heart and said he has a lot going on and I should delete his number. Ooookay…completely out of left field. I calmly explained that I was just joking with the name calling, and that he can delete MY number since he’s the one always hitting me up. He settled down then and said he didn’t wanna keep drunk texting me. Then he asked if he could come over Wednesday (yesterday). It would’ve been a no-go either way because I had to get dental work done. But I remarked on how he went from telling me to delete him to wanting to come over. He found that funny. And I’m pretty sure that he’s not always drunk when he’s texting me, so I don’t know why he tried to play that card.

He really is a jackass. I don’t know what his deal is, but I’m completely uninterested in fooling around with him. It bores me.

Domino is MIA. I haven’t talked to him since like the day before my trip when I told him not to miss me too much. Since then, nothing on either end. He didn’t even wish me a happy birthday when it came and went. I’m going to assume that the dinner is totally not happening. Oh well. He did just get a new assignment at work which has him working way longer hours, but either way it’s just kind of clear that we’re really not that interested in each other.

At one point on the trip when I mentioned Gustav, my guy buddy, Bing, said “Poor Domino,” alluding to the fact that I had hooked up with Gustav. Poor Domino? Whatever. As I told Bing, he’s in no way, shape or form worried about me and thus I’m certainly not going to be worried about him. I’ve made it a point in recent time not to worry about guys who definitely aren’t worried about me.

Gustav never answered my message, that German douche. But today was his birthday, which I would’ve known even if it weren’t blasted all over Facebook from our conversations back in the Dominican. I posted a birthday greeting to his wall, and was tickled when I saw a while later that my posting was liked by the guy that had been with Gustav in the Dominican. He knows who I am and I’m sure he knows Gustav screwed me and all that, but I always felt like he maybe didn’t care for me or something from my few interactions with him in person. I just found it interesting that he liked my post, and only my post, out of all the other people who had posted on Gustav’s wall. Maybe because I’m Gustav’s slutty American friend? Maybe he thinks I like Gustav or that Gustav likes me? Who knows? I just found it interesting. I like to over-analyze things.

Other than that, not much going on. I’m not even really that interested in dating right now because I feel like a fat, ugly cow, to be honest. I want to lose a little weight, get some other cosmetic issues sorted out which I’m in the process of doing, and then hopefully I’ll feel better about myself in a couple of months. Vanity at its finest.

Oh yeah, and I have to move because my roommate, who had been my friend for years, has suddenly transformed into the most pussy-whipped, Captain Save-a-hoe ass douchebag ever over his girlfriend of like 4 months, who is a retarded, manipulative whore. Oh well. You win some and you lose some.

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