Gustav, The Friendly German

Yesterday evening I arrived back from an amazing 7-night vacation in the Dominican Republic. I went with several friends of mine and we all had a total blast. It was an absolutely spectacular time. It was my first time going the all-inclusive route and I was highly impressed with the resort’s assortment of places to eat and the fact that you can just eat and drink all you want and not pay a thing. I mean, I guess it’s all included in the price, but I’m pretty sure I gave them a run for their money.

We spent nearly all of our days in the gigantic swimming pool right outside of our villa patronizing the swim-up bar. I personally clocked in on the daily like it was a full-time job…in around 9 a.m. in “uniform” (a bikini), and out around 5 or 6 o’clock to go get ready for dinner. Played some watersports in between, talked to some friendly folks, and otherwise just drank like it was going out of style. We ate dinner to refuel, then started loading up on the liquor again. Some of the bars on the resort don’t close until the sky starts getting light…absolute perfection.



I would’ve been completely satisfied with just that in itself, but things got more interesting on Monday when I happened across two random fellows in the pool. I happened to wander near where they were swimming and caught snippets of their conversation, which I surmised was in German. I asked if they were speaking German to confirm. They said yes and continued on their way. Not the warmest response ever, but it was the early afternoon by this point so I was too intoxicated to care. I continued on my merry way and downed some more alcohol.

Later on in the day I spied one of the Germans, Gustav, sitting at the swim-up bar. His name isn’t Gustav at all of course , but that’s the name me and my friends used jokingly amongst ourselves to refer to him. I was too hammered to remember how a conversation initiated between us, but one did. I was also too hammered to remember how things escalated to the point where we got kind of touchy-feely, but it happened. Clearly the answer to all of those riddles is that I was intoxicated. Duh. And it’s vacation…these things just happen sometimes when you’re a single gal. In any case, the next thing you know we had scheduled a rendezvous in his room at 11 p.m.

And rendezvous we did. I don’t really remember much about that first encounter. I just know he opened the door and we got right to it and started kissing. I took off my dress and lay on his bed, and he slid my panties down and went down on me. I know some more foreplay ensued and then eventually intercourse as well after he secured a condom, but I can’t really remember the logistics because I had been drinking all day and was completely obliterated by that point. I just know he started going soft or couldn’t cum or something and so we stopped and he apologized and blamed it on liquor. But a good time was still had by all. And then I went back to my room to sleep.

The next night there was a beach party. Gustav eventually showed up with the guy he was with at the pool. I went to say hi and ended up hanging out with them for a little bit since all my friends were MIA. After a while he told me he was headed to the resort’s dance club and asked if I was going. I told him I wasn’t sure. In any event, he told me he wanted me to meet him in his room at 2 a.m. I asked him if he was sure he wouldn’t bring anyone else back with him. He said he didn’t think so, so I agreed.

Since it was pretty late and all my friends were being boring and sleeping, I ended up at the club after all because it was the least dead venue. I had gone back to my room to change first, and made sure to tell my half-sleeping roommate about going to the club and then to Gustav’s room and let him know the room number, in case I ended up like Natalee Holloway.

I made it to the club and saw Gustav there with his friend. I spoke but then kept it moving across the room to get a drink and let him do his thing. I sneaked glances here and there from across the room and saw him holding an extended off-and-on conversation with one particular girl, so I figured that he might end up opting for her instead. I ended up leaving after a little while because I was bored and wanted to find some Wi-Fi to check my phone. I ended up crashing for a little bit in an open-air building, but set my alarm to wake myself up at close to 2 a.m. so as not to miss my appointment with Gustav.

I got to his door a little after 2. I knocked and there was no answer. Blah. Figuring he may still be at the club, I walked back there to look for him but didn’t see him. Blah again. I assumed he’d left with the girl he had been talking to, so I disappointingly headed back to my room to be sexless in Seattle. But lo and behold, on my way back I ran into Gustav. He said he had been looking for me. He led me back to his room and the fun started again.

I remembered it this time. He said he loved my tits and kept calling me a horny little bitch and was all around a little on the rough side, but I can appreciate that. He did squeeze my boobs super duper hard though, to the point where they ended up slightly bruised. But besides that, just the standard variety ass smacking, hair pulling stuff. Nothing I haven’t experienced before. We had sex for quite a while, but he just wouldn’t cum for the life of him. And as I was riding him, the bed was making that tell-tale bang against the wall that would be sure to disrupt whoever might be sleeping on the other side as well as make it quite obvious what was occurring on our side, so I gave up after a little while.

As I was attempting to put my clothes on to leave, he started kissing me again, then led me out to his balcony. He leaned me over the rail and started at it again from behind. Luckily his room was in the back of the villa and thus the balcony faced only a grove of trees. But of course there were balconies on either side so I tried not to make a lot of noise. He still didn’t cum though, so we gave it up eventually and I went on my way.

I saw him Wednesday at the pool. He was lounging with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend. I went over to go say hi, but we didn’t talk long. He mentioned that they had some kind of tour the next morning. Later that night when I was drunk and bored I called his room to see what he was up to. He answered, but said he had been asleep. Oops.

I don’t recall if I saw him at the pool on Thursday or not. I think it was Friday that I did see him and the guy and the girl hanging out and then go over to the beach for a little bit. But since he didn’t seem too keen on talking to me whenever I tried to speak in passing, I didn’t bother trying to speak or anything.

That night, me and my friends ended up at the club. I went up to the bar with my girlfriend to get a drink and I look to my left and there’s Gustav. I go over and say hello. He speaks back and then goes on about ordering and receiving a drink. I figured he was with his friends so I didn’t say anything further. At that point me and my friends decided to leave and go to a bar across the way. I walked out, but suddenly had to pee and didn’t think I’d make it to the other bar, so I went back in. I sort of looked around for Gustav on my way back in and then back out but didn’t see him. Yet lo and behold when I got back outside, I see him sitting by his lonesome on the steps. I go make small talk and it turns out he’s out all alone. He then out of the blue asks me if I have Facebook and hands me his phone to type my name in it so he can search for me later. Completely random, but neat that he appeared to want to keep in touch with me. Since he was alone I asked if he wanted to come hang out with me and my friends. My girlfriend had defected back to her room, but a guy friend was still out with these two couples we happened across that are from around our area back home. Gustav agreed and followed me over to the bar.

We all sat out front and drank and shot the breeze for a little while. Gustav speaks good English, but sometimes he had slight trouble clearly expressing his thoughts or finding the right English word, which I thought was cute. Otherwise he kept up with the conversation very well. He seems very intelligent.

After a while my guy friend suggested we all go to the beach. We got there and stood along the surf for a little while, then just sat around and talked. It was during that time that I learned a lot more about Gustav…where exactly he’s from…what he does…his family…German culture…all of that. He asked me about my family and American culture and things like that. I was intrigued by the fact that he’s from a completely different continent and culture as me. It was very neat to talk to a European and hear how he feels about Americans and American culture and all of that.

Eventually Gustav said he was heading to the “toilet,” as they call it. I had to pee too, but held it because I thought I’d have to go all the way back to my room. Gustav informed me that the restaurant building nearby had an available bathroom, so I followed him to it. I didn’t realize that it was an open-air building and was still free to enter even when closed. When we both finished, he led me a little bit into the restaurant and appeared to be kind of exploring it just because. I only realized what his purpose had been when I turned to go and he grabbed me and told me he wants to fuck me and started kissing me. He had his hands on my ass and we were making out for a little bit until a security guard popped out from the kitchen area. We giggled and ran off back to the beach. I suggested we continue back in his room, and he agreed.

We split from the group and went back to his room for Round 3. He invited me to take a shower with him first. We did that for a little bit and tried to fool around, but the tub was much too slippery for that so we retreated back to the bed. More ass smacking. More going down. More awful breast squeezing that leaves me with bruises on my breasts at this very moment. More riding. More kissing. More calling me a bitch and telling me how much he loves being inside me. Then we passed out.

I had dismounted and was lying beside him on my stomach, and he fell asleep while lightly running his fingers up and down my back. I wasn’t intending to fall asleep in his room, but it was close to 5 a.m. at this point and I was dead tired, so I did. The light was still on and we weren’t under the covers or anything so I was a little chilly, but I just wanted to sleep for a little while before heading back to my room. My fatal mistake was making a move to roll the blanket somewhat over me a while later and waking up him, because then he kicked me out. No big deal. I wasn’t going to stay until daylight anyway, but I was just not enthused about making the walk of shame back to my room a couple of buildings over in such a fatigued state. But alas, I did.

Gustav was leaving later that day. I saw him briefly by the pool and called him over to confirm what his Facebook identity is. He had told me the night before after he asked for mine, but it’s an alias instead of his real name and I hadn’t found it so far when I tried looking from my phone. He repeated what I had though, so I figured I’d be able to do a more in depth search once I got home.

To my utter surprise he beat me to the punch. Once my flight landed yesterday and I was able to use my phone again, a friend request from him came through. Neat. My first German friend. And lover. Kind of cool. I sent him a message later last night to tell him I hope he enjoyed his vacation and that it was nice meeting him, amongst other things. I used Google translator to write it in German as well as English in case he doesn’t read English as well as he speaks it. He hasn’t answered yet.

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