Delusions of Grandeur

Weeks and weeks ago, Woody asked me to come over for dinner. He said he would cook a couple of steaks and I told him I’d come, but I didn’t feel up to it so I kind of blew him off. I noticed a little bit after that that he wasn’t answering my texts or calls, so I asked him what was up with that when he finally did respond to my contact. Come to find out he was a little pissed at never hearing from me about dinner. Admittedly, I think I did agree on a tentative Tuesday and then just never broached the subject again and obviously didn’t go, so I did feel a little bad.

But I told him I didn’t appreciate him acting like a jerk because I don’t respond to his romantic overtures. He swore it was nothing romantic, that he was just asking a “friend” over for dinner. I told him I think he’s an awesome person, but I don’t want him expecting anything. He swore that although he thinks I’m hot, he genuinely just likes eating/drinking with me and wouldn’t cross that line. A couple of days after that conversation he told me he missed me in a completely non-romantic way, and I thought that was sweet.

I was talking to him Friday and he asked if we could do dinner Tuesday or Wednesday. I told him we could do Wednesday. I was a good girl this time and followed up Tuesday night. He said he didn’t feel like cooking and suggested we meet at this fancy steakhouse that I’d never been to. I agreed.

We met there around 7 on Wednesday night and had a pleasant dinner together. We both had some marvelous filet and lots and lots of wine (mine white, his red). He even wanted to do a shot at some point, so I obliged. It was a great dinner. It was good fun. The bill was over $200.00. I offered to split it, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Including the tip, he spent close to $300.

He wanted me to come over his house for some more wine, but I didn’t think that was a good idea, nor did I feel like driving there. He did offer to drive me there and bring me back, but still…no thanks. He suggested that we could go hang out at a neighboring restaurant’s bar.

I was tired, but I was down solely for the simple fact that during dinner, I had started texting Domino and he seemed amenable to me coming over. He was working late, but said he would be off within the next hour. The location I was at with Woody would’ve made for a little bit of a shorter drive to Domino’s house as opposed to me driving home and then waiting for him to get off work, so I kind of selfishly used Woody to bide my time until Domino was closer to getting off of work.

We trekked over to the neighboring restaurant and sat at the bar; I ordered a martini and Woody got a shot of Patron. The conversation was waning slightly, but was fairly steady, and all was well…until that awkward moment when he leaned in and tried to kiss me. I gave him a WTF-are-you-doing look and pushed him back. He tried once more and I pushed him back again. He relented, but told me he just wanted one kiss. NO. I told him we won’t be doing any kissing…ever.

So that basically killed the mood for me. It’s just so God-awful annoying that he would try that after I’ve told him over and over that I’m not interested in him like that. I can chalk a little bit of that boldness up to the alcohol, I guess, but he wasn’t really that drunk.

I hurriedly finished up my martini. He paid once again, then we parted ways. I called Domino to see what his status was and he told me he’d be leaving work shortly and would be home in about half an hour. I had the same length of a drive to his house, so I told him I’d meet him there. I got there about 7 minutes before him. He took a shower while I donned one of his T-shirts and got into bed, and then he get into bed and we watched a little bit of TV. It wasn’t long before we were having what turned out to be completely unremarkable sex. I rode him for about 2 minutes and he then came and that was that. We chatted for a little while and then drifted off to sleep.

He had teased me in the past about how I drift toward the middle of the bed while I’m sleeping (I’m naturally used to having a whole bed to myself most nights, being a single gal) and basically force him off the bed. He claimed one time he even went and slept on the couch in his man cave for a little while because of this. Oops. I tried to be better about that this time.

I left the next morning once he started getting ready for work. I was the slightest bit hungover from all the drinks the night before, so it was perfect that I had a sizeable chunk of leftover filet mignon to snack on during the drive home, courtesy of Woody.

I haven’t failed to see the irony in the fact that I had a man spend hundreds of dollars to entertain me and then immediately afterward I went and spent the night with someone else. But I can’t help that Woody still obviously has delusions of a romance blossoming between us when I have been very candid with him in that he has no chance here. I suppose that, like with most men, that only stimulates the hunter instinct in him and makes him only want me all the more. I know the feeling.

My birthday’s coming up and I facetiously asked Domino what he was getting me. He asked what I wanted and I said dinner. He claims he’ll take me. We’ll see.

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