My life has been rather mundane lately. No boys…no sex…no partying, really. Winter is approaching and I don’t do cold, so I don’t figure I’ll be going out as much. Plus, I have a cosmetic improvement project I want to work on so I’m going to be saving for that. I need to save more in general because I waste a lot of money on bullshit…namely eating and drinking at bars. I’m going to try to reverse that.

A few weeks ago I started feeling particularly bored, so I renewed my subscription to And as usual, only about 4 days elapsed before I became disenchanted it and declared it once again a waste of $50.00, or however much I paid. I do that a few times a year…decide to give it another whirl and then quickly grow tired of it. Tired of seeing the same guys on there for months and months, tired of people contacting me who are completely NOT what I described as my type, and tired of people sending me these standardized “form” messages that it’s obvious they send to every single girl they contact.

I’m not against internet dating, but I’m the type who prefers to see, hear, smell, and touch what I’m dealing with. I don’t interact with computer screens well. You just never know what you’re getting.

Domino isn’t really paying me any kind of mind. I haven’t hung out with him since that time he was drunk and invited me over, and trying to talk to him via text can be like pulling teeth sometimes. I try to flirt with him and he’s generally short and/or sarcastic. It’s just obvious that that is going nowhere…not that I particularly expected or wanted it to.

Blaze hit me up the other night asking for some action. Yawn. I had texted him a couple of times since he drunk texted me that time several weeks ago, but he hadn’t answered. No big deal. But here he comes the other night advising that he thinks it’d be awesome to be getting blown while watching football. Oh, and I’d have to come to him because something is wrong with his truck. Um, no thanks. Dude…I don’t want to be your plaything. It was fun the first couple of times, but I’m not just gonna, like, be at your beck and call whenever you feel like it.  Especially when you have a girlfriend now to boot. Thanks, but no thanks.

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