Pennies for Thoughts?

So let me get his straight: A black Red Lobster waitress in Tennessee named Toni Jenkins collects a receipt from a customer on which the word “Nigger” was written under the total, and somehow this translates into various people donating her a total of about $10,000?

I mean, I get that it’s a horrible word with a lot of history. I get that it’s usually intended to be a particularly scathing insult and racial slur. And if this is in fact an authentic occurrence, I have no doubt that the customer in question is a complete jackass. Where I become befuddled is at the monetary compensation part. In the end, it’s just a word. That’s all it is. So people deserve money for being called names now? Instead of donating money to cancer research…or under-privileged children…or to the environment…or any one of the millions of honorable causes out there, people actually felt that this was worthy of some type of monetary reward? I just find that kind of asinine.

If we’re due payment for insults now, it would appear that I’m entitled to quite a handsome sum of money on behalf of some of my family members, friends, colleagues, a psychotic neighbor, drunken people in bars, and especially exes.

I’m just sayin’…

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