And So On

Last Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised by Domino asking me out to lunch. It just so happened that I was working near his place of business for the week, which was unbeknownst to me until he texted me Tuesday and said so. Then he asked me out to lunch on Wednesday, completely out of the blue. So the next day we met up and he took me to lunch. It was nothing fancy – just Chinese fast food – but it was a kind gesture nonetheless.

I told him I was headed to a baseball game with my friend Sarah the next night and he suggested that he could meet us beforehand for drinks somewhere. That wouldn’t have worked though given the fact that there was barely enough time for me to head home after work, change, and head back to the game, but I suggested perhaps he could come out after. He seemed agreeable to that, and I even told him that Sarah had an extra ticket if he wanted to come with us, but he ended up working late. In any case, I thought it was peculiar that he seemed to be interested in spending time with me all of a sudden.

Since he couldn’t make it out Thursday, I suggested that we hang out sometime over the weekend. He said he was free Saturday, as was I, so I figured it was a done deal. Friday night while I was out at the bar, I texted him to see what the plan was and he said he’d come down my way.

I texted him late Saturday morning to see what time this was going down. No answer. Texted him a couple hours later. No answer. Gave it another couple of hours and texted once more. Nothing. At that time, I figured he was up to his usual bullshit, so I said fuck it and decided to head out. Not long after my arrival there, he finally answered: He’d been doing yard work all day and blah, blah, blah. I could tell by the fact that he completely disregarded my previous texts about what time we were hanging out that it was clearly not going to happen. I finally bit the bullet and asked if we were still on. He said he’s just going to chill because he’s going to a baseball game the next morning.

What pissed me off about that is the fact that he already had the baseball game on his agenda from the get-go, yet he still declared that he was free on Saturday to hang. So the subsequent use of that as an excuse not to hang out rubbed me the wrong way, and I let him know that. Me being tipsy did nothing to quell my irritation nor to render me particularly articulate or tactful in expressing my dissatisfaction. I called him a douchebag, a toolbag, etc. He told me I “constantly bitch,” which is interesting because I barely even communicate with him like that for him to know that I constantly do anything. Furthermore, guys tend to comment about women bitching quite frequently while failing to connect the fact that a woman may be bitching because they’re acting like complete dicks.

So, yeah…that conversation did not go well. I ended up swearing I’d never talk to him again, and he said the same to me.

Well, Sunday morning when I reread the conversation with a sober mind, I felt bad. I did kind of fly off the handle for a minuscule reason and act like a total bitch. And as I acknowledged that, I decided to swallow my pride and apologize. I texted him a hello and he answered and I apologized for the previous night. I asked him how the game was, but he never answered so I figured he wasn’t interested in talking to me further or was busy or whatever, so I didn’t sweat it.

Later in the night, he called me. He was obviously slightly intoxicated and was telling me about the game and some other mumbo-jumbo, then we hung up soon after. He followed up with a text minutes later asking if I was “coming up.” I asked him what coming up meant, but he didn’t answer, so I assumed it was meant for someone else. He called me back a short while later and re-invited me to his house. I figured what the hell…I wasn’t doing anything and I didn’t have to work the next day, so I rounded up a cute sleeping outfit and headed up to his place.

Of course, he ended up asking for me to fulfill the terms of the bet. And I did. But he didn’t let me finish because he wanted sex, so sex it was. And I must say, it was pretty good too. This is the first time we’ve done it when I was stone-cold sober, so maybe that helped. Every other time has come subsequent to several rounds of alcohol on both our parts. This time, only he was drunk. Or maybe it was the fact that he seemed more passionate – he kept grabbing my face and kissing me and just seemed really into it. We laid around for a little while after, but it wasn’t long before he was feeling me up and seemingly ready to go another round. But this time once I started other activities, he didn’t interrupt. He was in some kind of mood though because he was very aggressive about it: shoving my head down, pulling my hair, etc. He’s never been that way before. Hmmm. Anyway, a good time was had and then we went to sleep. I woke up halfway in the middle of the night to him rubbing my boobs, but I was too tired to entertain it so I kept my eyes closed and fell back to sleep. I gave him another treat in the morning, and then I left a little while later so he could get ready for work.

Other than that, the night before last I was lying in bed reading when I got a surprise text from Blaze. We hadn’t spoken since I found out about his girlfriend whenever that was and I haven’t really thought about him since. But there he was, asking me if I wanted to come over or if he could come over here. I told him I had to get up for work in the morning. He told me I could stop by at any hour or he can come over at any time. It was quite obvious that he was wasted. He confirmed in the morning and apologized. I told him not to sweat it. Some moderately flirtatious/sexual banter ensued throughout the rest of the day, but it’s whatever with that.

Howie ended up calling me the Friday before last, which was a pleasant surprise. We caught up for a little while and made vague plans to hang out at some point soon, but that’s probably not going to happen.

The Broker texted me last week to try and reconnect. I was being polite but then I forgot to answer and haven’t heard from him since so I figure I’ll just let it go with that. Not particularly interested.

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