More of the Same

Last Wednesday night I actually ventured out to somewhere other than my usual strip. It’s a rarity, but it does happen from time to time.

I decided to go to this swanky hotel bar in another nice area of town. A girlfriend took me to this bar months and months ago and I had been meaning to get back there at some point, but of course it’s nearly impossible for me to tear myself away from my usual watering holes. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the fact that it draws a more sophisticated, professional crowd.

I dined on a tasty (even if pricey) chicken dish, and had a few drinks to myself.  A cute lawyer and his buddy ended up taking seats beside me eventually. The lawyer made conversation with me for a little while, but he was married. Blah.

Later in the night, when I was by myself again, I caught the attention of a guy we’ll call The Broker, because I think he’s a stockbroker or something along those lines. The Broker and a buddy of his had been there since before I’d gotten there, but there was a female sitting next to The Broker that he and his friend had been making conversation with for most of the night, so I assumed she was with him or his friend, or that he was trying to pick her up or whatever.

She eventually ended up leaving, and shortly thereafter (it turns out she was a stranger that happened to sit next to them, and they entertained themselves with her for a while since she proceeded to get progressively wasted), The Broker invited me over to sit with him.

He’s not my usual type, but he was nice looking, adorned in a suit (I love suits!), and quite the gentleman. We chatted for a while, but then it turns out that bar shuts down well before it’s required to, so we actually did end up trekking over to my usual strip to close out the night. He bought me a couple of drinks and we exchanged numbers.

He texted me Thursday and asked if I wanted to go out again. I figure I’d give it a whirl, so I said yes. And…I haven’t heard from him since. Oh well.

Domino seems to be warming back up to me. I’d recently made it a point to give him a hard time on any of his Facebook statuses regarding his favorite football team, just for fun. That eventually led to me making a half-serious bet with him last week that entailed providing a sexual favor if his team won. I said it facetiously, because I really figured that they wouldn’t. Oh, but they did. And Domino not only informed me that he’d take me up on the bet, but went on to demand that it be accompanied by lingerie since they slaughtered the opposing team. Picky, picky. I may or may not actually fulfill the terms, depending on how I’m feeling.

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