No Fun For Me

Last night I went out  with several of my guy friends and had a grand time. Included in our group was Don, who used to work with us and thus hung out with us quite frequently, but after recently leaving for greener pastures, we don’t see him as much.

Don used to have a girlfriend that he lived with not far from our hangout. She’d hung out with us a few times, and seemed like a nice girl.  But more often than not he would be out solo. One such night after the bar closed, me and Don decided to go get some type of food to quell our mutual late-night post-partying hunger. We fetched a quick snack together and from there I drove him home. He lived so close to the bar strip that he’d walk to it most times, but often someone would drive him home afterward since it was late. Once we got to the parking lot of he and the girlfriend’s condo, one thing led to another and we ended up making out. And there were several subsequent occasions on which this scenario repeated, plus or minus the food run. Kissing, light fondling…nothing major. I guess it’s kind of crass that we’re making out in the parking lot of his building while his girlfriend is sleeping floors above us, completely oblivious, but whatever…

Anyway, Don broke up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago. He’d told me at some point while they were still together that he didn’t see himself with her for the long run, so I guess once he got the new job and endeavored to move closer to it, that gave him the perfect opportunity. Actually, weeks and weeks ago he was out with us, which is when I first learned of the break up. And as usual, we ended up making out after.

So last night he’s out and at first I don’t really think anything of it. But as the night (and the alcohol) progressed, we start getting flirtier toward each other and more touchy feely. It first kind of began because these two grenades were trying to latch their talons into him, so he kind of hugged up on me so they’d think he was with me and back off. But then at a certain point I started realizing that he is a pretty good looking guy and I figured that if we ended up making out at the end of the night as usual, that I might as well just let the good times roll and go all the way. He’s single at this point, and although he has light, blondish hair and I usually prefer dark hair, I realize that he’s hot, regardless. Tall and solid, too. I definitely like that.

We all decide to leave one bar and go to another to dance. We had just gotten there and were getting drinks when, to Don’s chagrin, his ex walks in the door. They’re apparently still on okay terms because she comes right up to him and they speak and then she proceeds to tag along with us for the rest of the night. I even dance with her at some point. I mean, I don’t have a problem with her or anything, so it was whatever. However, of course then Don spends the majority of the rest of the night in her face. And thus a wrench is thrown into my plans.

At one point when he ventures off to get a drink, I whisper to him that I guess he’s not going home with me tonight, which he laughs off. A little later, he tells me to check my phone and I see that he had sent me a text saying that this situation is kind of awkward, and he can’t just rub it in her face. Understandable.

But I figured that by the end of the night, which was fast approaching, he’d detangle himself from her and leave with me and we’d be able to go do our thing.

Well, that was not to be. When the music stopped and the lights came on he was still all up in her face. I mean, he broke up with her and he said she didn’t take it that well, so I figure it wasn’t so much that he was trying to rekindle anything or hook up with her as it was just that he felt an obligation to placate her and be nice to her. Perhaps out of guilt or whatever. But even still, I was annoyed because I had actually planned on hooking up with him and now I realized it wouldn’t be happening.

So I left all by my lonesome and came home. But before going to sleep I sent him a text to let him know that I had planned on hooking up with him and called him a douchebag. I’m such a brat sometimes.

I woke up to a text this morning from him telling me that I can’t be mad, given that the situation was unexpected.

True. I apologized and told him I was just being angry due to the liquor and that I didn’t mean it. He acknowledged that favorably, and we’re still cool.

Whether or not we’ll ever have sex is up in the air. But hey, I tried.

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