Fresh Scene

Soooo, there’s really not much going on…at least not in terms of my love life (or lack thereof). I’ve not talked to Domino since the last aforementioned occasion. I did “like” a status of his on Facebook yesterday or the day before or whenever; he “liked” mine today. I guess that means we’re cool. It’s unlikely that any great once-in-a-lifetime romance is in our future, but at least we’re still cool. It’s not like we were that good of friends or in frequent contact or anything before our brief romantic episode, so I guess things will return to that level of normalcy now. We just didn’t have a lot of chemistry I guess. It happens. But we’ve known each other for years and I see him around at work every once in a while so there’s no use in being bitter over something as brief and superficial as this was. I think in essence we just always had kind of an underlying curiosity about each other and now that we’ve gotten to explore it there’s no desire to take it further.

Blaze is on vacation or something so I haven’t talked to him much. Blah. Kind of over that, too.

I need some fresh meat, I suppose. The only thing I’ve gotten excited about as of late are these Crate & Barrel plastic shoeboxes that I just bought to revamp my closet. They’re pretty awesome, I must say. I like that they stack neatly and open from the front, thus eliminating the need to shuffle dozens of boxes around to reach a pair of shoes. Most importantly, they’re clear so I can easily see inside. I have great shoes that I’ve bought and forgotten I had because they’re buried away in a box. And so they’ve gone unworn. Every time a great pair of heels goes to waste, a puppy dies.

Actually, I’m pretty excited about this Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl lip gloss I just bought as well. It’s splendid. Long-lasting, smooth, and non-sticky. I like it a lot.

So I guess I need to get my life together if all that’s making me feel warm and fuzzy inside lately are things I’ve bought. I’m not getting too much action otherwise. I mean, besides Domino and Blaze, there are a few guys I’ve solely made out with in recent time, but none of that has any potential in my opinion. It appears I’ll be heading into a dry spell for the time being.

I went out for a late-night breakfast with Woody on Sunday, but as previously mentioned, there’s no potential there. He’s a good guy, but solely in a platonic way. But what’s wrong with friends anyway? I like having good guy friends. I tend to always end up on horrible, non-speaking terms with my exes and what I always end up missing about them in the end is the underlying friendship. Not necessarily the sex or the romantic aspect, but just having that connection as people.  So to me, Woody and I are probably poised to last way longer as friends than we would as lovers anyway. I probably treat male friends better than I treat male lovers. I always end up sabotaging my romances somehow.

I’m free tomorrow night so I guess I’ll pretty myself up and go find some trouble to get into. I’m kind of tired of my regular scene though, so I’m thinking about hitting up another part of town. I love my normal bars, they’re my comfort zone. But that’s part of the problem…it’s starting to bore me. I go out and see the same douchebags…the same bouncers…the same bartenders. I need a fresh scene.

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