Fun While It Lasted

I’ve spent the night at Domino’s twice in the past several weeks. A few Thursdays back I was out and hit him up to see what he was doing. He wasn’t up to anything so he asked me to come up his way. I drove to his house and parked and he drove us to a local spot. We sat at the bar and talked over several drinks. We went back to his house and he gave me clothes to wear to bed. We crawled in together and of course one thing led to another and we were having sex soon enough but I made him wear a condom and that’s not his thing because he’s used to being in long-term relationships and not having to wear one. I wasn’t really with that at that point, so we discontinued the sex and tried other activities.

We both woke up the next morning a little hungover. He fixed us breakfast (egg whites, bacon, and toast), and we sat out on his back patio and ate. I hung around to recover enough to where my 30-minute drive home would be bearable. It was a good time. I’ve talked to him here and there since then, but not much.

Last Thursday I decided to go back to that same bar in his town to hang out since I enjoyed it when we were there. I thought I’d check out the scene solo. I didn’t tell him beforehand that I was coming, nor was I particularly intending to see him or anything, but eventually when I got bored/tipsy I hit him up. He was off work the next day and not doing anything but playing X-Box, so he told me I could come over if I wanted. I ended up going over, he gave me a shirt to wear with my boyshorts, and we drank vodka and watched The Campaign (which was hilarious). I had one full vodka and cranberry, and another half of a vodka and sweet tea (he ran out of cranberry). I was pretty toasted after that because his drinks were strong and I was drinking them on top of the 3 I’d had at the bar.

So another round of drunken sex ensued eventually, which I allowed without a condom this time. God knows why. I actually hate doing that because then it just makes me anxious. It’d probably be hard for me to even have sex sans condom with a boyfriend because I’m confident that sexual monogamy is not in a man’s nature (it’s not a judgment, just simple biology) and it’d be hard for me to trust that I’m not being exposed to anything from any of his side dealings.

But anyway, Domino ended up cumming in me. He kind of just did it. I didn’t expect him to, as he’d never even asked me if I’m on birth control or not. And I’m not. But I wasn’t worried because I have a very regular menstrual cycle and keep track of it closely and my ovulation was over a week and a half beforehand. So I let it be and passed out in peace.

I woke up the next morning in bed alone. He was already in his man cave on the X-Box. I was slightly hungover again so I laid around and watched him play Call of Duty. He played for a while and then went to go mow his grass. I took that as a good cue to leave and went to the bedroom to get dressed. I had hardly gotten my bra on when he started touching me and pulling me towards him and then there we were fooling around a bit.

All was well except for when he reminded me he came in me and discovered that I’m not on birth control. He got all wide-eyed and nervous. I tried to explain to him about the female body and how ovulation works – no, you actually CAN’T get pregnant at ANY time – but he wasn’t comprehending and I got tired of trying to convince him that there’s no way possible I could’ve gotten pregnant, so eventually I just said I was joking about not being on birth control. Problem solved. Men are so dumb sometimes. Adorably dumb, but dumb nonetheless. I kept screwing with him by asking him to think of some baby names. He was not amused. I’m hilarious.

Before I left he had alluded to us hanging out again that night, whether he went out or stayed in. He told me he’d hit me up later. I ended up going out to have dinner. And I’ll admit, I was kind of looking forward to hearing from him. When I didn’t by a reasonable time, I hit him up to see what he was doing. He said he was playing X-Box and would probably stay in. Alright. I waited for some type of invite or something, but it never came. I was a little tipsy at this point. And unfortunately, sensitive (PMS – gotta love it!). So I remarked that I thought we were hanging out but clearly not. He said I’m pushy. I told him that’s fine, I’m already out and won’t have a problem finding someone else to occupy my time. He said that sounded good (douche). I told him that I suppose there’s no need to hang out now that he’s successfully gotten into my pants after trying here and there for years. He refuted that, but then said he’s changed his mind and is going to head out as well and find some friends. I felt bad then, so I told him my intention hadn’t been to argue. I told him to do his thing and be safe. He told me goodnight. And that was all she wrote.

I haven’t talked to him since. I mean, I was kind of interested in him, but kind of not. I couldn’t really decide, but I thought he might’ve had some potential if I’d gotten to know him better. He’s not my complete ideal, but I could’ve made do if I had to.

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