Ho Hum

I had another impromptu visit from Blaze tonight. Since last week’s visit we’ve been talking pretty regularly still, although not necessarily daily like before. Tis to be expected I guess. But he’s still maintained contact on his own accord, as have I.

Last night I got a little tipsy after work and was talking some trash. He said he hoped to repeat our last encounter tomorrow (today). I was off today and ran some errands, then came home and chilled on the couch with some wine for most of the night. I texted him close to 9:30 p.m. and he said he was tired and not really sure if he was up for the drive, but asked my schedule for the rest of the week and then said we could try for Wednesday. I was cool with that because it’s my time of the month so I feel all frumpy and bloated, plus the wine made me drowsy anyway. I got him all revved up though by talking even more trash, so then he suddenly decided he was up for the drive. He warned me that he’d be in his PJs and wouldn’t be able to stay long. Surprise, surprise.

He came and we made small talk for few minutes and then fooled around some. He chilled for about 10 minutes more then left.

This is clearly not going anywhere whatsoever. I kind of wish it could though because he’s really, really hot. Natural chiseled good looks. Great body. Great height. He was kind of adorable looking in his PJs.

I’m not going to push it though. I’m done with chasing men, fawning over men, and making a fool of myself over men.

As far as Domino goes, I haven’t spoken to him since Thursday. I had texted him late Wednesday night to say that I’d like to hang out either Friday or Saturday after work, perhaps. It was late and I knew he was probably sleeping for work in the morning and I acknowledged that, but I thought he’d at least answer at some point during the next day when he was able to. He never did, but it didn’t matter anyway because my weekend work hours ended up getting changed the next day and my weekend was blown once again. So I texted him to say never mind. He was like, “So you don’t wanna hang out?” and I said I did but he hadn’t answered and I’ll be working most of the weekend anyway. He told me he wanted to hang out and to let him know when I’m free. I told him my schedule for this week then joked that he was supposed to buy me lunch that day because he works near me (we work for the same employer, but out of different locations) and I had told him several days beforehand when I was off and when I’d be back at work. I got annoyed when he didn’t know I was working that day because I specifically told him what days I was off and when I’d be back to work. And maybe he could tell I was annoyed because there wasn’t too much said after that and we haven’t talked since.

I just figure that if a guy is really interested in hanging out with me and knows that we’re on kind of opposite schedules for the moment, he’d make the effort to remember what days I’m off. So clearly he isn’t that interested. Oh well.

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