Blaze was supposed to come over yesterday in the morning-ish. We’d been talking about it for almost a week. And although work wore me out this past weekend and I planned on sleeping long and hard Tuesday morning, I was down with it.

Monday night he told me to text him when I woke up the next day. Monday night after work I hit the bar to see who was around. I hadn’t planned on it, but I ended up leaving work a little early and since a sudden change in my work hours had killed my whole weekend, I decided to give it a go. I had only planned staying out until 11ish and then going home to sleep so I could be fresh the next morning for Blaze, but I ended up running into my buddy Marshall and hanging out with him and his friends until closing time.

I came home, set my alarm for the next day around 9, and fell right asleep. I ended up waking up a little earlier and cleaning up a little bit in anticipation of Blaze’s visit. I texted him around 9:45 to signify that I’m awake. No answer. Texted again almost 2 hours later. By that time I had also showered, put on some light makeup, done my hair, and donned a cute outfit for him. All for him to tell me he won’t be able to make it. Of course. I didn’t trip much, but I did take a picture of my outfit and send it to him so he could see what he was missing out on. That did the trick. He expressed disappointment, but said that he had to help his brother with something. He said he’d have some time tomorrow (today).

Today, after some back and forth, he finally paid me a visit. He had been running around a bit apparently, and he has to wake up at the crack of dawn for work tomorrow, but he managed to squeeze me in.

He was just as cute as I remembered. I wasn’t sure because I met him over a week ago and was kind of tipsy then. We chilled. We talked. We made out. I noticed and enjoyed how good he smelled, and how fit his body is. We fooled around a bit, but no intercourse ultimately. He didn’t stay too long because he said he was sleepy. Well alrighty then. I wasn’t particularly pleased with that, but oh well. He said something about working this weekend and hitting me up, but I wasn’t really listening.

So far I’m not pleased with this arrangement. I can handle a no-strings-attached sexual relationship with a guy, but I’d prefer to be getting some sex out of it at least.

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