As of late, there are a couple of men on the horizon that I have deemed worthy of further exploration.

The first is Blaze. I met Blaze in the early morning hours of last Sunday, amidst a solo Saturday night out at a strip of bars I frequent. I’m in one such bar, which I have only recently started going to more regularly lately because there’s always a good crowd, lots of hot guys, and dancing. Although I only dance when I’m more on the intoxicated side of things. I danced that night.

I was making my way through the crowd when I ran into Blaze. I was trying to squeeze past him. He noticed me and said something, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. But whatever it was, I could tell that he was attracted to me. And certainly likewise. He’s tall – like 6’3″ – dark-haired, and boyishly handsome. I was instantly kind of taken. But for the life of me again (chalk it up to the liquor), I can’t remember what I said to him, but I must’ve made some type of offer – perhaps I asked him to dance or to get a drink or something – because he told me he’s there with someone, but then asked for my number. Scandalous, I know. He put it in his phone and gave me his in return, but my phone was dead. I repeated it several times to confirm I have the right one and then we parted ways. I instantly made my way over to the bar to ask for a pen and a napkin so I could get his number written down, and after safely tucking it away in my purse I was immensely satisfied. There was no way I was going to let a hottie like that get away.

Since then we’ve been conversing via text almost daily, but the conversation is primarily sexually focused (on both parts), and I don’t see this going anywhere further than that. But he’s really hot so I don’t see anything wrong with a little casual action, as long as I know beforehand not to get attached. It turned out that his “someone” was just some girl he had picked up at another bar that night. He said they don’t talk anymore. We both have hectic schedules but we’re trying to get together next week.

The second person is Domino. Domino is actually a guy I’ve known for several years through work. Most of the time I’ve known him he’s not been single, but from time to time, whether single or attached, he’s flirted with me and even asked me out for dinner/drinks previously upon breaking up with a girlfriend, but I just never took him seriously.

Well that all changed last Sunday when we were both stag at a mutual friend’s wedding. We were seated at the same table and sat next to each other. As the evening progressed I started noticing how handsome he really is. It was open bar, so the liquor definitely helped, but I guess I’ve always kind of thought he was cute, I just never thought of him like “that.” We ended up being driven back to my house after the night was over and having wild, fumbling, drunken sex. Since then we’ve been texting daily. He called me Friday evening to hang out but I couldn’t because of work. He was texting me after I got off work in the wee hours of Saturday morning to get me to come to his house, but I had just finished a long work day and had another one ahead of me later Saturday, so I couldn’t oblige. I was kind of put off by the fact that he was trying hard to get me to his house in the wee hours of the morning all of a sudden, but we had overlapping days off in the days following the wedding, and he didn’t ask to hang then. I’m not sure what direction this is headed in. We’ll see.

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