Raining Men…

As it turns out, I’ve run into Jax these past 2 Mondays and we’ve interacted with each other without a problem. Last week especially, he even seemed eager to initiate conversation with me. When I wandered into the bar, he and Bean and other friends of theirs were sitting at the bar. I went over and spoke and after a few moments, Bean got up to smoke or something and asked me to hold his seat and so I settled in next to Jax and he started asking me about work and showing me pictures of this bulldog puppy he has and it was a little less weird. He even eventually invited me to the gun range with he and Bean.

I figured after running into him the first time that he was only speaking to me out of necessity so things wouldn’t be awkward if we were going to start crossing paths regularly (as we have been), but I wasn’t expecting to be seeing him so often and to actually be on normal speaking terms after all the animosity that transpired between us a few months back.

This past Monday, I met up with some friends at the bar, but I had been at another bar across the way for a few hours preceeding that so when I got to my “home base” bar I was pretty tipsy. And again, as soon as I walk in, there are Jax and Bean and their buddy. I think I mistakenly grabbed Jax’s arm causing him to spill some of his beer on his arm. He told me I could buy him another to make up for it, but I never got a chance to. My memory is blurry on what kind of conversation transpired between us, but I know I was scratching his head at certain points. I hugged him and Bean and maybe even the buddy goodbye when they left…I do remember that. He told me I could buy him the beer next Monday, but I’m not sure I’ll be going next Monday.

A little bit of me thinks he might still be attracted to me and possibly rueful about the fact that he was a total dick to me. But I think if that was really the case, he’d have texted me or something by now. Maybe he doesn’t have my number anymore though. I definitely deleted his. And I think he’d be scared to ask me again. I don’t know. Or maybe he still thinks I’m a psycho and I’m way off. Maybe he’s dating someone now. Who knows?

This past Monday was a good night for men all around. At the first bar, I happened to spark up a conversation with this older gentleman sitting a stool over from me and we ended up watching a football game together and he bought me several rounds. He’s way older though. He never said his exact age but he’s really gray and I think he’s in his late 40s or early 50s. Very nice gentleman though. He left around 9 because he had an early day the next day. He said he wanted to see me again, so I gave him my number and then he bounced. I started talking to some other guys that were next to me. Then 10 minutes later, he came back. I’m really not sure why. He finished some more of his Grey Goose on the rocks that he had left and then said he was leaving for real this time. I walked him to his car and we hugged and that’s when I walked down to the next bar. I haven’t heard from him thus far but if I don’t, it’s no big deal. I like older men but that’s a little too old.

After Jax and crew left, I was left to several of my friends/coworkers and although I can’t remember a lot of specifics about the night because I had been drinking since 5, I know it was a fun night.

I happened to run into this guy from my college who played football there. I remembered him because me and several of my college girlfriends used to think he was soooooo hot. And although that was years ago and his good looks have kind of faded and he doesn’t look exactly the same, I still recognized him from seeing him around on Facebook. I knew he was still in the area, but I hadn’t seen him in years so I was shocked as hell when I saw him waltzing in. I called his name immediately and cornered him and talked to him for a little bit. He said he kind of remembered me, but I doubt he really did. The only time I really interacted with him in college was when I was briefly talking to one of his teammates who he happened to live with and I was over visiting the teammate and he was there. Otherwise, I only really noticed him from afar. I probably seemed like a complete psycho because I still remembered his whole name and where he was from and I could tell he was a little put off by it but he DID play football and all of this information was freely available in the football programs, as I explained. I was too tipsy and too uninterested in him romantically to really care about being smooth or anything.

My coworkers and I weren’t ready to stop drinking once the bars closed, so some of them grabbed some take-out beer and we headed to a park a few blocks away to continue our antics. There was a guy from my job there who I’ve seen out but have never spoken to before that night. He offered me a very interesting job opportunity. It would be exciting and a nice change of pace from what I’m doing now at the job and he seemed to think I’d be good at it. But I’m not going to get my hopes up about it because nothing I get my hopes up about ever seems to pan out.

Meanwhile, as dawn got closer and closer, we started getting tired and realized it was time to head home. One of my coworkers, Don, lives a few blocks away from there and typically walks to Happy’s or wherever we are along that strip of bars, but I told him I’d give him a ride home. I’ve only really hung out with him in group settings, but in the past few weeks we’ve gone twice to get late night snacks together after the bars closed. He’s a cool guy and I’m kind of attracted to him but I was never sure if he was attracted to me until he kissed me the other night after I pulled up in front of his place. We made out for a few minutes in the parking lot. BUT…he has a girlfriend. That he lives with. So I pulled away eventually and told him to get in the house.


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