Jersey Boy

Last night after work (Thursday), I hit the bar with some friends/coworkers. One particular coworker – Jersey – was in attendance, and although some random chemistry had been sparking between us lately, I never would’ve thought we’d end up making out in my car at the break of dawn.

I’ve known and worked with Jersey for about 8 months now. I’ve always considered him attractive – he’s tall and muscular with some deep, dark eyes and a nice smile – but I’ve never really thought of him like that. We see each other at work regularly and I’ve hung out with him from time to time in group settings and in general we’ve always been friendly with each other, but that’s about it.

He has a girlfriend that he’s been with for several years and he’s brought her around a few times. She’s cute but has never been particularly friendly with me or any of my other coworkers. And judging from several stories I’ve heard about their relationship, she seems to be a jealous, controlling bitch. He has a good guy friend that he brings out from time to time as well, along with the girlfriend, and it’s remarkable how much time the guy friend and the girlfriend spend talking to each other and seemingly flirting with each other. Jersey seems like a blatant third wheel sometimes amongst the three of them, so much so that it becomes awkward for me and my coworkers. I commented on this circumstance to Jersey once, asking him why his girlfriend spends more time talking to his friend than to him, and he replied in so many words that they’ve been together so long that there’s really nothing else they have to talk about. Yeah…that can’t be good.

The first time I remember Jersey blatantly flirting with me was in April, when we were at a bar with some other people. His girlfriend was out too, but had left for a little bit to go to some other bar with another girl. I had on a low cut dress and Jersey commented on my boobs several times. But that was it. Nothing major, but I was just a little taken aback because it came out of nowhere. I attributed it to alcohol consumption and didn’t think much more of it.

This past Monday night I went out with some coworkers and he was there. I was nowhere near spectacularly dressed – I had on a plain, baggy white t-shirt – but this time the flirting became much more blatant. More of the boob comments and things like that. But again, he was completely intoxicated and so I wasn’t sure whether or not to take him seriously. But that was the first time I started to realize that he might be seriously attracted to me and that I might be attracted to him as well.

So last night we’re all out and as we got progressively drunker, the flirting heated up again. I’ll admit, I kind of initiated it just to see if Monday night was just an anomaly, or if he really was attracted to me. Like true alcoholics, we weren’t ready to stop drinking once the bars closed, so people bought some 6-packs and we went down the street to a park and continued there. Jersey progressively got more expressive and touchy feely, discreetly (or maybe not) grabbing my ass here and there. We actually did have a real conversation between all the flirting and touching, but I can’t remember what it was about due to the alcohol.

As dawn approached (yes, we were out THAT long), we finally got it into our heads that it was time to hang it up for the night. Several people had left along the way, but there was still me, Jersey, and 4 other people. It was 5 a.m. by this time. I said goodbye to everybody and Jersey did as well and he walked me to my car, which was a mere 20 yards away from everybody else.

He asked me if I wanted to come back to his place with him (he lives with the girlfriend, but she’s out of town for the week). I told him I didn’t know about all that, then I asked him to sit in my car with we and we’d talk about it. Talk about it as in make out, which started immediately. He’s a good kisser. Nice soft lips. Tender. Sweet. It was like a Lifetime movie, only he didn’t cheat on me or beat me or kill me. He started kissing my neck and then he sucked on it really hard. I didn’t remember that until literally just now as I was writing it. I went to the mirror to check and there’s a faint hickey there. Not obvious, which is good. The next thing I knew, his hands were in my shirt unhooking my bra and then his lips were on my nipples. Then he was guiding my hand to his lap and he was rock hard and not too shabby in terms of size. Yum.

He wanted me to come back to his place with him, but I declined. For one, it’s my time of the month, although the tail end of it. Secondly, I didn’t wanna do the whole drunken sex thing. Not with him. It’s one thing to engage in a one night stand with someone you never have to see again, but it’s a completely different thing to engage in a one night stand with someone you have to see at work all the time. Who has a girlfriend. Who could potentially run his mouth. I completely wanted to have sex with him, but I knew deep down that it wouldn’t lead to anything good.

We talked about all that, then kissed again and again and again. I had a party to go to tonight, so I suggested that we get together tomorrow night. His girlfriend’s not going to be back until Sunday. We exchanged numbers and I told him we should talk when we’re sober. He said something about making love. I’m not quite sure it’d be that.

Shortly after I got home, he sent me a text: “I want you”. I replied “I know :-)”. Then I fell into a wonderful drunken slumber.

I’m home from the party now. I started texting him a couple of hours ago while I was at it just to feel him out a little. It would appear his random infatuation was completely liquor induced.

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