So…once again dinner with Pretty Ricky did NOT occur as planned. It’s getting a little ridiculous at this point, obviously. Maybe it’s just not meant to happen.

We had talked on Tuesday at the Christmas party and decided on yesterday. On Friday he told me 3 p.m., as noted in my last entry. A little early, but ok. I asked if this was a definite. As in, if we don’t talk before then can I just show up to the spot at 3 and expect him to be there. He was going to NY to see his mother through some surgery, but he said he would be back Sunday morning. He said he’d hit me up the next day and let me know for sure though.

Never heard anything on Saturday, but I assumed that no news is good news.

But I did expect to hear some type of confirmation on Sunday morning. I emailed him around 7:30 to confirm. Heard nothing for hours and started feeling antsy. Around noon when I got home from the gym, I saw that he’d written back at 11:30 to say that he would be leaving by 1 and would be back around 4 and would hit me up when he’s back. So clearly the 3 o’clock wasn’t happening but I checked and found out that the restaurant doesn’t open until 4 on Sundays anyway, so we would’ve been looking dumb. I also noted that it closes at 9, but that wouldn’t be an issue because he should be back in plenty of time.

4 o’clock comes and goes. Well okay… it’s not like I expected him to be back right at 4 on the dot. I was already in the process of getting ready, so I figured by the time I was done I’d hear from him. 5 o’clock comes and goes. I had tentative plans to go see my dad so I figured I’d go ahead and do that since he lives not far from the restaurant anyway. I figured Pretty Ricky might’ve gotten held up but that I’m sure to hear from him soon and at least I’d be in the area already.

He emails me close to 6 to say that he’s still on the road due to bad traffic. Yeah, okay. I email back to ask if he was fairly close.  Of course the whole email thing is gay because I’m not sure how often he checks it and for situations like this, more immediate responses would be better. I tried calling the number he gave me, but as I suspected it would be, the phone was off. Makes sense, being as it’s not his main number. At this point I decide to head down to the restaurant to have a drink at the bar while I wait for word from him. I live 30 minutes from the restaurant, which isn’t the longest drive ever, but I didn’t wanna drive home and then hear from him and have to drive back.

I don’t go to the actual restaurant, but another one right across the way whose mojitos I fancy. I take a seat at the bar and the waiting game continues from there. It’s a little after 7 at this point. I order a mojito and drink it. 7 I never received a reply to my inquiry into his whereabouts, so I email him again to tell him that I’m in the area so it’d be nice to know if he’s going to arrive sometime within the next hour or so. 10 minutes later I follow up to advise him that if we don’t make the original spot, we could always go to another one nearby that doesn’t stop seating until 10. It’s almost 7:30 at this point and I’m starting to realize that I probably won’t be seeing Pretty Ricky.

I order another mojito and an appetizer. A trio of two males and a female enter and take seats beside me. They’re friendly and we get to talking and I’m a little down at this point but they kind of cheer me up. They even buy me another mojito.

8:45 comes. Still nothing from Pretty Ricky and at this time I’m pissed. And I’m buzzed. So I’m like, fuck it, and I dig his REAL number up and I call that shit – twice. No answer. So then I text him. I tell him that I had to utilize his REAL number because I’ve been waiting at a restaurant for over an hour waiting to hear something. Clearly he either did not really leave NY by 1 or he’s just blowing me off. He replies back that his best friend’s daughter died in an accident and he’ll call me in half an hour. I tell him I’m sorry to hear that and will be expecting his call.

As I’m leaving the restaurant at like 9:40, he calls. We talk, no arguing or anything. I bring up the number thing, how it’s kind of insulting that he gives me a number to a phone he hardly uses. He alleges that that is in fact the number he gives his friends, that he hates his main work phone because basically all people call him for is to bitch. I explain that I feel like he keeps blowing me off week after week because it seems like it’s always SOMETHING whenever we plan this outing. And after the fact that I spent a good chunk of my time doing his paper, it should be nothing for him to show his appreciation by taking me out for a few hours. However, I do understand that because of our history maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable. He said that’s not the case and he does intend to keep his word. I emphasize that I didn’t do his paper for him because I wanted something, but because I care about him as a friend.

I don’t know. I guess I’ll just wait until he has time. It seems like he has a lot going on. He alluded to something brewing at work that might lead to him retiring in mid-January, but he wouldn’t say exactly what.

I guess when he has time, he’ll let me know.

And on top of all that, I got home last night, fixed a bowl of cereal, and plopped down on my bed with my laptop…only to spill a good bit of the cereal all over my keyboard. So now my space bar, b key, n key, and question mark are all DOA. If not for the on-screen keyboard to supplement those broken keys, it wouldn’t be worth using. Typing takes excruciatingly long now though. I guess a new laptop is in order…blah.

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