Totally out of the blue, Curly sent me a text early Friday morning, around 1-ish I wanna say – “Wanna do it?” “Do it”…really? What are we, 10th graders? I screwed with him by asking what he meant even though I knew exactly what he was talking about. I reminded him that he told me a couple months ago that he wasn’t interested in having sex with me if I wasn’t willing to fulfill any of his fantasies (which was either a threesome with another girl, or anal).  “So is that a no?” I didn’t even bother answering.

I was actually talking to Dimples at the time. Still the same old back and forth flirting and naughty talk from time to time but we really don’t have any real chemistry. He just has no game. It’s like he just expects me to come over and take my clothes off and that’ll be that. And I think he’d be a selfish lover for some reason.

I went to a retirement celebration for a former coworker Friday night and Pretty Ricky was there. We actually hugged when we greeted each other, which was weird being as for the past year and a half, we’ve not often been on good enough terms to even speak, much less hug. We got to talking and I found out he’s in school trying to finish up his bachelor’s degree and he mentioned that he just got a rough draft of a paper back and the professor really dug into it. I told him I’m a good writer and offered to help him if he needed it. To my surprise, he was actually took me up on it and I gave him my email address so he could send me the rough draft.

That’ll be nothing. Shit, in my college days when I was kind of a athlete groupie, I wrote a couple of papers for a basketball player I was involved with. And they were from scratch, for classes I wasn’t taking. At least I have a rough draft to work from now.

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