People have been dying like crazy around here. It’s a really sobering feeling when people you were cool with and interacted with regularly are just suddenly gone due to some nonsense.

Besides that, nothing much is going on.

Let’s see…Friday night I went out with some coworkers and inadvertently got drunk out of my mind and spent most of yesterday throwing up. I don’t know why I do that to myself. I didn’t mean to get so wasted. I shouldn’t have been drinking on an empty stomach for one. For two, I just obviously had too many damn drinks.

After spending most of the day sick as a dog, I wasn’t exactly up to going to yet another bar, but my homie rented part of a bar out to celebrate his birthday and it’s been on my calendar for a while and I didn’t want to blow him off due to my own foolish actions, so I got dolled up and went to hang out. Good times. I had one drink for the night that he begged me to have with him and that was that.

Fucking Mr. Smooth…he’s throwing a party next month which he made a Facebook event for. It’s not specifically a party for him but a general event he’s involved with planning I guess. I RSVP’d that I’d be attending. He sent out a mass message to all the RSVPs about tickets. I wrote back and asked how much they were and he didn’t answer. I guess that means he doesn’t want me to come. He probably didn’t realize I was on the attending list. What an ass. OH but I’ll be there. My friend Renee had already picked up tickets for me and her without me even mentioning it to her. I guess it’s meant to be.

She mentioned the other night that when she went to get the tickets from Mr. Smooth, he met up with her with a chick he introduced as his “girl,” and from the description I assume it was this same Marie chick. So I guess that means he fancies himself to be in an actual relationship with this girl. It really doesn’t bother me much at this point though. I’m really like 95% over him.

Pretty Ricky and I appear to be on normal friendly terms again. We managed to have a conversation at work 2 weeks ago. How nice.

Six months and counting since I’ve gotten some. I’m really hoping to break this dry spell soon, it’s getting a little ridiculous.

Yellowtail came over the Friday before last and chilled with me. He came bearing gifts too – a bottle of Belvedere vodka and a Chik-fil-A nugget meal. I love gifts. Nothing romantic occurred though. I’m just not really attracted to him like that.

I went to a party on Wednesday night and met a cutie there that I hung out with for most of the night. I’d seen him before and I know his brother, but I’d never met him or talked to him before Wednesday. He bought me drinks and then afterward he, his cousin, my girl, and me went to a diner for some food. We had fun. He’d asked me to hang again Friday night but Thursday I didn’t hear from him and Friday I spoke to him briefly to congratulate him on an accomplishment I was privy to and he thanked me but not a word after that. I asked him later when I was heading to go meet my coworkers if we were still going to drink and he didn’t answer. So I guess that’s that. He’s married anyway, so no biggie.

A guy I’m cool with revealed to me the other day that he has a romantic interest in me. I’ve known him for a couple of years. Nice guy and all buy never thought of him like that. I was honest and told him he’s in the “friend zone.”

If someone I actually like could like me back one of these days, that’d be great.

Well…that’s about it. Nothing exciting.

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