Family Union

Yesterday afternoon, Curtis and his family came out my way and we went out to eat. I’ve talked to him on the phone and via text several times over the last couple of weeks, but this was my first time meeting him in person, as well as my sister-in-law and two nieces. It was awesome.

He brought pictures of our dad and him from when he was a tot. He even had a picture of our dad and his mom from their high school prom. I’ve never seen my dad that young. I have plenty of pictures of him, but they’re all from my lifetime. It was interesting to see the life he had more than 20 years before I even existed – the happy husband and father. He’s beaming in all the pictures where’s he’s holding Curtis. It’s adorable. It makes me wonder what happened to make it all fall apart. Curtis still hasn’t told his mother about me so I’m guessing that there’s some animosity there towards our dad.

His wife is really nice, as is his older daughter, who’s about to be 21. His 9-year-old daughter was shy and barely said two words to me for the most part, but I could tell she warmed up to me a little by the end of the outing. I was feeling a little shy myself.

I would so love to be able to develop lasting, substantial relationships with each and every one of them, but I know that it’s going to be a process that will require patience and time. Add to everything the fact that besides me, there are all the cousins and stuff from my dad’s side that Curtis still has yet to meet…yeah, this is going to take a while. But the important thing is that we’ve connected. For that, I am grateful.

Besides all that, it’d be nice to have sex sometime this century, but things aren’t looking too good right now. Dimples and I still dance around the issue on the regular, but he’s always asking me to send him pictures and it annoys me. Not that I don’t dabble in naughty pictures from time to time, but I don’t make a regular practice of it. When I do, it’s with someone I’m involved with and have established some level of trust with (although I always keep pics like that faceless just in case). And being as I’m not fucking Dimples, I don’t see the point. When I’m involved with someone, I do it on occasion to tempt or tease or keep things spicy of course, but if I haven’t fucked someone yet then I’m unsure of what the point would be. You either want to do me or you don’t, no pictures should be necessary. We’re two single adults who live within driving distance of each other, so anything he wants to see he can see in person. If he’s lucky.


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