All Made Up

The last week or so has been pretty decent. Nothing major going on though. I’ve talked to Coby a bit since his big production over telling me he’s back with his latest wife, but there’s really no interest there.

Thursday night after work, a few of my coworkers invited me to a nearby bar with them and I went along. Marlboro was there. I got moderately wasted, unintentionally. Marlboro and I and a cute waitress ended up having a brief three-way make out session. Just for kicks.

I ended up calling Hippie. I woke him up as it was like 4 a.m.,  but he actually answered and talked to me. I barely remember talking to him but the gist of that conversation and subsequent texting the next day when I sober is this: He wasn’t really mad about my refusal to have sex with him, but rather the fact that I made him look bad by revealing information to other people that he’d told me in confidence (the stupid shit that Pretty Ricky and Zorro told Professor about me). I reminded him that when we were on his friend’s boat and he first told me, I told him that I was going to text Professor right then and there and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it. He claims that he BEGGED me not to. I don’t remember that being the case.

So basically, he looks like a rat to his friends/bosses/colleagues now. I never said his name to anyone, but I guess it wasn’t hard for them to figure out how I found out. I asked what the big deal in that was, and he said it’s a very big deal that his bosses don’t trust him. The implication is that there are career-affecting consequences for him that I never intended.

So that made me feel bad. Maybe I should’ve thought it out more before I ranted to Professor and then bitched out Pretty Ricky. I just don’t like people talking trash about me. He said he told me what he told me so I’d know what people are saying about me, but what’s the point in me knowing if I don’t confront anyone about it?

But I felt even more horrible when Hippie told me on Saturday night that Stallion ditched him to go eat with Zorro at work, presumably because Zorro doesn’t wanna eat with Hippie now. So he said he was looking like an ass all to his lonesome.

Stallion is all up my ass lately, it seems. He’s a decent guy, I’d even say that we’re friends, but I don’t know how much to trust him given his obvious closeness with Zorro and I suspect Pretty Ricky as well, even though he never quite admits it. I’m careful about what I tell him.

I worked some overtime last night. Zach was working in the area and he came and visited with me for a while. It was nice talking to him. He’d asked me about hanging out a few days ago and then last night and I asked if he was just trying to worm his way back into my pants. He claims that’s not his agenda because he has accepted the fact that he’s not getting any. He went on to say that he could always get some from other people if he wanted, so that’s definitely not a concern of his.

He’s supposed to come over tonight after he gets off of work. This’ll be after 11 p.m. Zach is actually a decent guy, as long as I’m not trying to date him I guess.

On a random note, I’m getting fat again. I think it’s from drinking too much sweet tea flavored vodka and other sugary liquors like that. Or drinking too much in general, I guess. I eat fairly decent and I exercise, yet I still have so much fat on my stomach. It’s not an actual gut (yet), but it’s just pudgy. I’m really not feeling it. I did good when I got focused a couple of months ago. I guess I’ll have to crack down again. I gain weight primarily in my midsection. My limbs stay pretty trim and toned regardless. But all that means is that I’ll look like a diamond if I don’t watch myself. Blah.

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