The Big Revelation

Wednesday evening, I met up with Coby and his crew (colleagues of mine I’ve never met, but that he works directly with) at a cool little spot for happy hour. He bought me a drink and pulled me over to the side to talk after a little bit.

And this big, huge revelation that warranted this big production? He’d gotten back with his wife. His THIRD wife, the mother of his young son. Apparently, her job had transferred her to another state (so I guess they were separated?), but then she got transferred back. And around the time we started talking, they were working things out. And that’s why he disappeared so suddenly. He was allegedly too attracted to me to keep talking to me and work on his marriage at the same time.

He said he felt like he was a good guy for doing that, because a bad guy would’ve led me on and slept with me anyway. I guess he wanted to be commended. I told him that a really good guy would’ve told me the truth, not just gotten weird on me and disappeared, leaving me wondering.

The best part is…he’s still with her.

I looked at him like UMMMM, OKAY? I asked him what the point of this all was. He said he’d been thinking about me and didn’t want to run into me eventually having me hate him. I advised him that I wasn’t that pressed about him. I’d wondered what had happened to him but I wasn’t mad at him or anything. He doesn’t know this, but, obviously he was just a rebound anyway. I started talking to him around the time that me and Mr. Smooth started falling apart.

So again, the point of this all was what? You text me randomly in the middle of the night. You ask me to come out so we can talk only to then tell me you don’t have time to talk there, and invite me out on Wednesday evening. All this only to tell me that you’re back with your wife – 4 months after the fact. When I wasn’t even thinking about you. I mean, really?!

It definitely was not that serious. He could’ve just said that over the phone.

I asked him again what the purpose of texting me was. You want a side piece now or something and thought I’d be perfect for the role? He said he missed me.

I was a little irritated with this whole thing, but not mad. Not hurt. I never liked him enough for him to really hurt me. I figured that his explanation would involve another woman, but I figured it’d be something along the lines of: He got with somebody (or had already been with somebody) and left me alone to focus on her. He was back to being single, and wanted to see where things with me would go.

He tried to make it seem like he was really more interested in being with his son on a regular basis than actually being with his wife. Whatever.

At that point, I wasn’t really feeling him. He’s attractive, but he reminds me of Pretty Ricky and I don’t like that. Plus with him being married, what’s the point? Sometimes I don’t mind being a mistress, and sometimes I do.

On the bright side though, I was in a bar with a good crowd filled with lots of professional looking men in suits. Probably lawyers, bankers, executives, etc. As far as I was concerned, Coby could lay no real claim to me, so I was free to talk and mingle as I pleased.

I ended up not straying too far though. I stayed within his group of friends. There was one in particular who interested me, not necessarily in a romantic way, but I just found him intriguing. He seems crazy as shit. He talked about how he doesn’t bother trying to talk to girls or date because women don’t like “nice” men, they like being treated like dirt. He had a decent looking chick trying to talk to him, and he’d bought her a beer at one point apparently, but he blew her off. He said he’s only interested in work, the gym, and his dog. I spent the majority of the night talking to him and trying to draw him out of his shell. He bought me drinks and said he would gladly defend my honor by breaking a guy’s neck if need be, but he never really cracked. Honestly, given his military background, his current profession, and just the way he talked about everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t date because he’s not quite right in the head and knows he’d end up killing a girl who hurts him.

Coby started bothering me about leaving at 9:00 or so. He’d told me he had left his car at the office because it was blocked in, so I guess he rode to the bar with someone. He asked if I could ride him back to his car. This was earlier in the evening, like when I first got there. I’d said yes, but I ended up not being ready to leave when he wanted to leave. I was going to take him 2 miles down the road to his car and just come back, but once we got outside, I realized how much of a hassle trying to find another parking space would be. The bar property itself offered very limited parking, so finding a space on the street was a must. I had a good space right across the street and I knew I’d lose it and ride around for who knows how long trying to find another one who knows how far away.

So I told him I wasn’t taking him. I told him I didn’t want to lose my space, I didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t feel comfortable driving as tipsy as I was anyway. I made him get in a cab and I went back in the bar. I know that was mean, but that’s just how I felt at the time. I texted him after getting back into the bar to apologize though.

I probably only stayed another 30 minutes or so though, mostly drinking water. I had work in the morning, after all. I didn’t meet any hot men, but I really did like the scene so I plan on venturing back there in the near future. I called Coby and talked to him for a little on the way home, but he said he’d call me back and didn’t. I bitched him out a little after getting home. I told him I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been with his wife all along…

We talked a little on Friday and he asked if I was going to come visit him at his overtime assignment the next night (last night) for “stimulating conversation.” I told him I might, but we haven’t spoken since.

In other news, Zach had texted me Friday night asking if I’d like him to come over so we could watch a movie. I was beat from work, so I’d fallen asleep early and didn’t see it until I woke up yesterday morning. I texted him back and told him we could chill last night. I didn’t get home from work until 8 p.m. last night, but we coordinated and he was ringing my bell bearing Boston Market literally right after I closed my door. We ate and then settled in on my couch watching The Crazies. My eyelids were suddenly heavy though. I drank a glass of wine too, which definitely didn’t help. I curled up next to him with my head on his chest and I was out 20 minutes later. I woke up when the movie was over. I was obviously ready for bed, so he left shortly thereafter. I felt bad for falling asleep, but he didn’t mind.

And surprisingly, he was a good boy. He had his arm around me and was lightly rubbing my shoulders or back, and even a little of my booty the whole time, but he didn’t outright molest me like he usually does. No pressure for sex or anything. Maybe he really has turned over a new leaf. He told me he missed me at one point. I don’t know if I believe that though…

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