So it would appear that someone has taken it upon himself to waltz back into my life after a mysterious, lengthy absence.

Upon waking up on Sunday morning to get ready for work, I discovered that I had a text message from an unknown number. It simply said “Up?” and was sent at 1-something in the morning.

I had no clue who it was; I didn’t recognize the number at all. As the number wasn’t in my phone, it was obviously someone I either didn’t care to talk to or didn’t plan on talking to. Regardless, I was curious.

I sent several text messages later in the morning and afternoon to try and discern who it was, but I never got an answer. I even tried a phone call on my way home, but still no answer.

I sent one last “Hello?” in the evening before moving on with my life, and finally got a response. It turns out that it was my old buddy Coby.


I met Coby in mid-March (right around the time me and Mr. Smooth started falling apart) at a function at the work spot. He caught my eye when he first came in; he reminded me of Pretty Ricky somewhat. I’d never seen him before. I was sitting at the bar and he came and spoke to people nearby and somehow we got to talking.

What really got me is that not long after we started conversing, he started asking male coworkers/friends/acquaintances that came up to speak to me, “So how do you know my wife?” That kind of humor has the potential to come off either seriously creepy or seriously hilarious and it was definitely the latter. It was just funny because people know I’m not married, yet he was saying it so seriously and casually that you could see the startled looks of confusion in their eyes. I made sure to clarify to everyone that I had just met this man that evening and that made it even funnier. I love a guy who can make me laugh…

He eventually gave me his number. Days later we were texting away. Of course we eventually broached the subject of sex and his description of his sexual tastes and experiences were very intriguing, even if mildly intimidating. He talked of trips to swingers clubs where he “witnessed” (allegedly did not partake in) things like a female with a chain around her neck and the word “Whore” written in lipstick across her chest sucking a guy off (or maybe even multiple guys – I can’t remember). He described himself as very dominant and aggressive. I really can’t remember all that he talked about at this point, but I know some of it made my eyes widen. The thing is, he never came off as sleazy though. He wasn’t necessarily trying to get me to have sex with him or anything, he was just being very straight forward and matter-of-fact.

I saw him one time after the original meeting and that was maybe a week and a half later. He was working some overtime and I went to see him while he was at work. We chilled for a couple of hours. We made out in his car a little and I let him get inside my shirt, but nothing more.

We continued texting and getting to know each other for a couple of weeks afterward, but I noticed that his responses were becoming more irregular, if he even responded at all. We were supposed to go on an actual date eventually, but that never materialized. I asked him what was up at one point and he said he had gotten into a bit of trouble, but never elaborated. I tolerated this for a little bit but I eventually got fed up and told him that I’m tired of it and deleting his number from my phone. He never answered, and thus I took that to be a lack of interest. I wasn’t pressed though, so that was that. Most of my energy was focused on Mr. Smooth during that whole time anyway.


I’ve wondered about him from time to time and what was really going on with him, but I didn’t care enough to try and reach out again. Lately though, I’d been seeing his name in some news articles and from that I discerned that he’d kind of moved up at work.

I guess I thought him up though because all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was that text on early Sunday morning. He apologized and said he’d been drinking. He asked me how I’ve been and all that. I told him I was surprised that he still had my number, and he said I’ve been in his thoughts. He asked if I’d be attending a function the next night and I told him I would be. He said we’d talk there.

We didn’t get to talk there though besides greeting each other because he was busy making rounds. He was texting me along the way telling me that he’s technically working and might have to leave suddenly. At first he told me that if I saw him leave, I was to follow him outside so we could talk. Then he said that he’d probably have to rush off, so instead he invited me to a happy hour tomorrow (or later today, rather).

I’m going to go and see what he has to say…

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