I met up with Lincoln at the work watering hole tonight for drinks. The crowd was light but there were a few regulars in there and we were all drinking and laughing and having a good time. I was chowing down on a cheesesteak sub when in walks Mr. Smooth and crew.

It took me a few seconds to realize it. There’s a huge mirror behind one end of the bar that allows one to see who’s coming in the entrance without turning around. All I saw was a tall, dark, silhouette at first. It hit me suddenly when he got a little closer and I thought to myself  “Oh God…” I certainly wasn’t expecting for him to pop up. I’ve never known him to show up there on a Tuesday night. But then again, I can’t remember if I’ve ever been to there on a Tuesday.

But then…nothing. He and his boys were only there for like 5 minutes because they decided to go elsewhere once they found out that the kitchen was closed.

He was about 5 feet from me the whole time though. And not a word was spoken nor a glance exchanged.

Then he was gone.

And…I don’t feel anything. No urge to text or call or speak to him at all. No faint pangs of hurt or regret or longing in my stomach.

Nothing at all.

This is good.

Funnily enough, just today I discovered a website with all the professional pictures taken from the white party back in June where he brought his whore, “Marie,” and I ran across a picture of them both. I was laughing to myself at how she’s sooooooooooo not anything special to look at.

Ah well…I wish him the best with that.

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