Men Are Dumb

Monday was the first time I’ve seen Pretty Ricky at work since I leaned on him about running his mouth. I came within 5 feet of him, but I didn’t make eye contact or speak.

I saw him again yesterday too. He and my supervisor were shooting the breeze. I’d just changed into a little sundress as I was heading down to a bar for some post-work drinks with a few coworkers. My supervisor was taken aback by seeing me in the sundress and was all like “Where are YOU going?” in a playful way and thus that made Pretty Ricky turn and look at me too. My boobs looked good. I’m sure he probably thought so. Not that he’ll ever touch them again. What an asshole.

After all the back and forth and the drama and the not speaking for 6 months; after we finally manage to become cool again earlier this year to where we can acknowledge each other and even kind of joke around…now we’re back to not speaking. We’re back to the awkward moments of crossing paths and mutually refusing eye contact or speaking. It’s ridiculous. I don’t have anything to say to him. If he’d like to offer me an apology, that’d be a good start. I know he won’t though.

Saw Professor on the news last night. That’s the first time I’ve seen him really clearly because I’ve only seen him in pictures and a poor-quality internet video. He’s so hot. Thanks, Pretty Ricky, for ruining that with your cockblocking ass.

Curly hit me up out of the blue on Monday night in reference to commentary he read on my Facebook where a female coworker/friend of mine said we needed to have a date soon. Being a man, he turned that into something sexual and started texting me about how he wants to watch. I didn’t even know who it was at first because I deleted his number back in June or whenever it was that he was telling me how I got on his nerves or whatever.

He started talking about wanting to have a threesome because he’s never done it and it’s a fantasy of his. No thanks. I told him I’d consider something like that for someone WORTHY.

“So I’m not worthy huh?”

I’m sorry, didn’t YOU cut ME off?! Now I’m suddenly supposed to be into fulfilling a fantasy of yours? We’ve barely spoken for the past 6 weeks.

What is it with men?

I’d do him solo, but I’m definitely not doing all of that. He has some nerve…

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