So as I thought, nothing came of Mr. Smooth’s threat. I was never worried about it – he’s a lot of things to me at this point, but “stupid” isn’t one of them. He was just pissed off, and that’s exactly what I was trying to do – make him angry. I wanted to push his buttons. I get like that when I’ve reached my breaking point. Once my feelings have been stomped on once and twice and thrice and then so many times I can no longer count, I WILL lash out eventually. Once I see that a man won’t be affected by my sentiment, then I’ll try another way to get a reaction out of him – anger. That usually works.

I will be the most vile, vicious, ignorant creature alive. I’m not particularly proud of it, but I figure that since I keep my viciousness strictly on a verbal level, I’m actually giving a lot of these people a break. I’ve talked a lot of trash and said a lot of evil shit to men in my lifetime, but I’ve never busted any windows or slashed any tires or anything like that. I’ve FELT like doing it, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Not worth the risk.

So yeah, I don’t think me and Mr. Smooth will ever be cool again. And actually, I don’t care. Since I bitched him out, I’ve felt great. I’ve hardly ever thought about him or anything. I saved all the texts in my phone and look at them from time to time because they amuse me.

I went to the work watering hole last night and hung out for a little bit. After I left I met up with Stallion to catch up since he was working. I revealed Mr. Smooth’s identity to him. I’d told him tidbits about that whole saga in the past, but I stopped short of telling him who it was because they know each other and I wasn’t sure what might come of that. At this point, it doesn’t matter though. I don’t think they’re friends and/or hang out like that or anything anyway. So I let the cat out of the bag. I sensed a little bit of jealousy.

I did learn that Mr. Smooth has separated from his wife. That would explain why he was all up “Marie’s” ass at the party filled with people who know his wife. Stallion apparently heard that Mr. Smooth left his wife FOR someone else – possibly “Marie” – but he didn’t know for sure. But the way he heard it, someone was basically like “He left his wife for that…?” So I ain’t the only one thinking Marie just isn’t the business. But hey…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. If some mediocre/average chick is worth his marriage to him, then more power to him. Maybe her pussy is made of diamonds or something.

I still have the hugest crush on Professor, by the way. A friend from work does now too. She called me last night while I was out talking about she just saw him and he’s fuckin’ hot. I was like DUH I told you. The Hippie route seems to be a dead end. A few weeks back when I was still bugging Hippie about it on the regular, he mentioned me to Professor again and said that Professor said that we’d get together soon. Obviously nothing’s come from that. Hippie ended up bitching me out for constantly bothering him about it. He said that if Professor were interested he’d have tried to set something up by now. True, but not quite. The man’s only seen me in pictures. I guarantee if I can just run across him one time in person, it’ll be a done deal. From what I heard, and keep hearing, he’d be all over this. *Sigh*

Still no sex for me. Lots of offers and opportunities, but just not feeling anyone like that. Maybe I’m a lesbian now or something.

I briefly entertained the idea with Dimples again. The more I see him, the sexier he seems to get. He has a really nice body…rock hard arms. Yum. We were texting last week and he told me for the sake of honesty that he was sleeping with someone I’m cool with, though not necessarily friends with. No clue who that is but I figure that if she’s not a friend then it doesn’t matter to me. Then he started talking about not wanting to settle down and all that. I texted him some last night but that didn’t go anywhere. I don’t think we’ll ever have sex.

I played with Stallion for a little bit last night by flashing him a few times and stuff, and then of course he started asking about coming over after work. Definitely not interested in having sex with him. I just like teasing him, it’s fun.

I don’t think I’ll ever have sex.

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