In Heat

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I haven’t gotten any in a month and a half or because I’m probably ovulating, but I’m especially horny lately. I think it’s more so the lack of sex. But I’m sure I’m ovulating too, which only intensifies my sexual cravings. In other words, I’m in heat. That’s good when you have someone to fuck; it’s bad when you’re in the midst of a man-drought, like me.

I’d rather not have mediocre sex with somebody for the sake of having sex; I prefer divine sex with someone I’m animalistically attracted to. And therein lies my conundrum…there’s no one I’m feeling like that right now.

My work husband, Marlboro, has really been on me lately. He comes on to me sexually every day that I work with him. He does it in a funny, joking way (it’s nothing disrespectful or anything I’m offended by, and I do egg him on sometimes for fun), but even still, I know he’d love to get in my pants. Last night was probably the most tempted I’ve ever been by him. He’s cute and his body is great, but I just don’t think it’s a good idea. I am the slightest bit curious to see if he’d live up to all the trash-talking he does, but I’m not insanely attracted to him or anything. I just think he’s cute.

Pretty Ricky and I got along really well tonight. He was even playful with me at one point. It’s cool to be on good terms with him again after everything. I do occasionally picture his head between my legs like old times when I see him, but I don’t think I’d go back there even if I could. He’s still extremely hot though.

Mr. Smooth is a total dick. I texted him a couple of days back to inquire about a sweet red wine that he’d brought over for dinner several times. It’s nothing extravagant – a $20 bottle – but it’s the only wine I’ve ever liked. I’d actually had it before he ever brought it over, so when he said he was bringing wine and that was the one, it was only too perfect. The only store I know of in my vicinity that sells it rarely ever has it in stock though. I figured he’d be nice enough to tell me where he gets his from, but he didn’t answer. I told him that he could at least answer a benign question. He didn’t answer. Jackass. I can get it online at least.

Stallion just called me. He just got off of work and he wants to come over. Hmm…

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