The Indian

A couple of months ago, a male coworker of mine took me to meet a friend of his, The Indian. The Indian is an older, married, Eastern Indian gentleman who owns a few businesses like gas stations and convenience stores.

The coworker, Gizmo, prefaced the introduction by telling me about how much money The Indian has. He said that there were women he knows (and maybe even introduced as well) that The Indian has given tens of thousands of dollars to. One chick got $10,000 in cash. Another ended up with $40,000 or so after faking a pregnancy or some shit. They didn’t get that kind of cash for nothing though.

So in other words, The Indian is a trick. Not exactly in a john/prostitute kind of way where hard cash is exchanged after each sexual encounter I don’t think, but in a sugar daddy-ish, “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” kind of way. Or is there really a difference?

Gizmo wanted me to meet The Indian because he thought The Indian would like me. And I guess he thought I’d be interested in that type of arrangement for whatever reason.

So we went to The Indian’s nearby convenience store to see him. Gizmo introduced us, and as expected, The Indian’s physical appearance was nothing to write home about.  He’s not totally repulsive, but I wasn’t attracted to him. On the bright side though, he was taller than I expected…probably about 6’0″. At least he wasn’t Apu from The Simpsons, like I was picturing.

The three of us made small talk for a little bit. Then the two of them went outside to talk alone and I was left wandering around the store on my own. I figured that they were probably talking about me.

When I got bored I went outside and rejoined them. I heard the $40,000 being talked about at one point. I think Gizmo brought it up and I guess he did that so I would hear The Indian affirm and I’d know that Gizmo wasn’t lying or whatever.

Anyway, The Indian indulged in some mild flirting at one point. I told him where I lived and it turns out he lives near me and he joked that he’d come over some time.

Gizmo and I had to leave eventually. In the car he confirmed that he and The Indian had been talking about me when they were by themselves and that The Indian liked what he saw. He said he’d try to get back over there later in the day to see what’s up, but he didn’t make it.

A couple of weeks later after I’d forgotten about it, Gizmo told me that he’d made it back over to see The Indian and that he was interested in me. Gizmo asked me if I wanted him to pass on my number. I told him no, that I’ll take The Indian’s number. He said he’ll see what he can do. I didn’t care either way though.

This all took place in March. Well earlier this month, Gizmo randomly pulled me up and slipped me The Indian’s phone number.

So there it was. A piece of paper right in the palm in my hand that could possibly translate into thousands of dollars for me.  But not without sacrifice, of course. Could I use that kind of money right now? Yes, of course. Is it worth it though? I went back and forth with that for a few weeks while The Indian’s number sat idly on my dresser.

I’ve never been a gold-digger. I just don’t have the mindset for it. I’m not gonna knock any other chick’s hustle, but that’s just not my style.

I only expect a potential love interest to be on equal footing with me. I have a stable job with lots of room to move up, a car, my own place, and I take care of myself.

I’m not going to say that wealth isn’t an attractive trait in a man. But there has to be a genuine attraction to him in general. Money is a bonus, but it’s not essential. I could never pursue or screw a man SOLELY for monetary reasons if I’m not attracted to anything else about him. And thus, I wouldn’t be that good of a prostitute. I suppose that’s a good thing.

I can’t say I’d turn down a handsome multi-millionaire like Robert Redford offering me a million dollars for it though (a la “Indecent Proposal“).

Be that as it may, I was somewhat intrigued by the opportunity that The Indian represented. I thought I’d at least see what he had to offer and play around with him a bit for sport. I was a little curious.

So I finally put the number to use yesterday. I texted him and said hello. He called back immediately from a private number but I didn’t answer. I texted again that Gizmo gave me his number. He called back again without blocking his number. I didn’t answer. I texted him again and told him to text back, not call. He kept calling and calling and I never answered. I don’t know why, I just didn’t want to. I guess because I really didn’t care. Texting is more convenient and I was getting ready for work anyway and I didn’t feel the need to put that much effort into something I really wasn’t extremely interested in in the first place.

He kept calling every few minutes. I kept not answering. I didn’t send any more texts either. I just kept not answering. He stopped for a while and then an hour after the fact he called one last time before giving up. I guess he just wanted to verify who it was texting him, understandably, but I didn’t really care to have an actual conversation with him.

Well, there goes that.

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